Putrajaya Bird Race 2019

Putrajaya Bird Race 2019

Good news for bird watchers in the Klang Valley as the Putrajaya Bird Race 2019 takes place from 15 to 17 November and at Taman Wetlands here.

Though this event may sound unheard of, but let me just assure you that Putrajaya is now one of the up and coming destinations for bird watching in Malaysia.

Putrajaya Bird Race 2019

Bird Watching Putrajaya
Bird photographers in action.

Previously, I had written about the Putrajaya Bird Race and Festival, which apparently takes place in the early part of the year. But I have never attended it, hence I look forward to that particular birding event next year.

And for this year, the bird race held in Putrajaya is also something that I am very curious about, hence I should be paying a visit to see how this event is held.

How Many Bird Species Are Found In Putrajaya?

There are a total of 203 bird species found at the Taman Wetlands in Putrajaya. With such a large number of birds found here, it will make any bird watcher or photographer very happy.

The checklist of Putrajaya birds was compiled by the local birders over the years too. Among the many birds found here, you can expect many shore birds and migratory birds at Taman Wetlands.

Bird Race Putrajaya
One of the beautiful birds photographed.

Activities at the Putrajaya Bird Race 2019

Besides the main event which is the bird race, there are a number of other activities and events taking place inconjunction with the race. They are open for for both children and adults. Activities include;

  • Bird Race
  • Bird Photography
  • Bird Exhibition
  • Bird Mimick Contest
  • Bird Craft Products
  • Bird Coloring Contest (Kids)


Lumba Burung Putrajaya Malaysia
The official poster for the Putrajaya Bird Race 2019.

How to join the Putrajaya Bird Race 2019?

For those interested in joining the Putrajaya Bird Race, you are required to fill in the forms for the specific category below.

  • Bird Race Competition 2019
  • Photography Competition 2019

And for more information, you can also check out the Putrajaya Bird Race 2019 Facebook Page.

Putrajaya Bird Race Teams

Teams are to consist of three (3) members and must be officially registered with the Organizers by filling Entry Form through on-line or manually, at the time and day specified; with a registration fee.

  • Registration fee
  • School category – Free of Charge
  • Open category – RM10 per person
  • Government – Free of Charge
  • Agencies category


Putrajaya Wetlands Bird Watching
A part of the Putrajaya Wetlands.


If you are a local bird watcher or photographer in the Klang Valley area, this would be a good event to attend. And if you are a visiting birder from another country during this time, do attend this event.

This event is also nature friendly and you are encouraged to bring your kids, especially to learn more about the birds and about the wetlands.

Many local birders, bird watchers and bird photographers are looking forward to attending the Putrajaya Bird Race 2019. For me, I will also be heading there as well, so I hope to see you there.

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