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Bird Watching Advertising Malaysia

For those interested in advertising bird watching with me, it is a fairly simple process, and you can contact me via email or phone. But it would help if you read this first before contacting me.

This article will share some general information about what and how advertising on this website will benefit you, your company or your product. Bird watching is straightforward; hence I will explain to the best below.

Also, you would be surprised at how many people actually click on ads on niche websites like this because they want more information, book tours, or even to buy equipment.

Advertising For Bird Watching Asia

First of all, you may want to know who is behind this bird watching website, and it is me, David Hogan Jr, who has been a specialized search engine optimization (SEO) writer for the last 10 years, with expertise in tourism and travel.

For your added information, I semi-retired in early 2019 to focus on Bird Watching Asia as a passion project because there is not much information available online about bird watching.

With specialized content on bird watching in Malaysia, you are assured that those who land on this site are interested in bird watching; hence, it is perfect for advertisers to have their brand or products featured here.

Advertising for Birding Equipment Malaysia
Camera lens and binoculars being promoted at Raja Ampat for birding.

Who Should Advertise with Bird Watching Asia?

As long as you are in the bird watching industry, you are the select niche market perfect for advertising with us. If you sell baby clothes or cupcakes, Bird Watching Asia is not the correct platform for you to advertise.

Those in the bird watching industry in Malaysia and around Asia are the right market to advertise with us. The industry is huge, with many different sectors involved, and below is a list of who should advertise with us;

  • Bird Watching Guides
  • Bird Watching Tour Companies
  • Bird Watching Clubs and Associations
  • Bird Watching Magazines, Websites and Book Publishers
  • Hotels, Resorts, Lodges that offer Bird Watching Services
  • Bird Watching Transportation Providers
  • National Parks that Promote Bird Watching
  • Tourism Boards that are keen to Promote Bird Watching
  • Camera Brands that want exposure for Bird Watching
  • Optics Brands for Birding – Scopes and Binoculars
  • Outdoor Equipment for Bird Watchers
  • Outdoor Apparel for Bird Watchers


SEO Bird Watching Malaysia
Search results for keywords related to bird watching events in Malaysia.

Why Advertise With Bird Watching Asia? 

I am a tiny startup business in Kuala Lumpur, and I have focused on Bird Watching in Malaysia for this passion-driven project.

My bird watching website is carefully created for birding information that is well written and optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other engines.

This means that people searching on Google and so on will most likely land on my website, and this is where your business or company will be featured to potential customers.

Malaysia Bird Watching Advertising
A sample of where your banner ad will be located.

What Do You Get From Advertising with Bird Watching Asia? 

The most important thing that advertisers will get is the eyeballs from readers that land on this bird website, which obviously means that they are into birding or bird watching.

Eyeballs technically mean that the readers may click on the advertising banner to find it relevant to what they may be interested in.

My articles and information is well written and appears high on search engines when someone looks for something specific about birding in Malaysia.

For example, if you search for “Selangor international bird race” on Google, you will see that the article by Bird Watching Asia comes up on top of the results.

This means that most people (99%) will click on that link as Google thinks it is the most relevant link to be featured on the top for searchers.

This is how Google ranks the websites to be featured based on certain algorithms that identify the most credible results to be on the first page.

Budget Online Advertising Malaysia
We make online advertising for bird watching very affordable.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise With Bird Watching Asia? 

The golden question that everyone asks, the advertising price. Truth be told, this is a self-funded project to promote bird watching in Malaysia and Asia; hence, the price is very affordable.

Most common website advertising is done through banners placed on the right side of the website and come in two sizes. (See images above)

These box banners are viewed site-wide, meaning that you will see the advertising on any page on the website you land on.

Our advertising price is based on a few types of ads that we run on Bird Watching Asia. They are;

  • Small Box Ad- (Size 125 x 125 pixels) Right Panel, Site-Wide – RM50 per month, or RM400 per year.
    – The client’s artwork/image can be provided, and we will link it to your website or Facebook page.
    – This means that anyone who clicks on the ad image will be taken to your website or Facebook page.
  • Main Box Ad
    – (Size 300 x 250 pixels) Right Panel, Site-Wide – RM100 per month, or RM600 per year.
    The client’s artwork/image can be provided, and we will link it to your website or Facebook page.
    – This means that anyone who clicks on the ad image will be taken to your website or Facebook page.
  • Article Advertising
    – Specially created article on destination, service or product – RM500.00 per article.
    – We will write an article based on your destination, product or service provided.
    – The article will consist of 500-1000 words, with one link to your website or Facebook Page. 

    – Article will be published on Bird Watching Asia and promoted on our social media channels.
  • Video Creation
    – Specially created video for 60 to 180 seconds – RM500.00 per video.
    – This is suitable for birding destinations, accommodations, product reviews, or special features.
    – We will shoot a simple video, then edit and create the finished video.
    – Video will be shared on our social media platforms and a copy given to the client.

How Do You Pay For The Advertising?

Once you have finalized which type of advertising you are interested in, we will send you an online invoice. Payment can be made via Bank In Transfer for Malaysians or via PayPal for international countries.

Bank In Transfers – Any local Malaysian bank and online transfers.

PayPal – If you choose to pay with PayPal, you need to add 3.5% to the total as PayPal tends to charge that amount for transaction fees.

We are sorry that we do not accept other payment forms like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and checks (cheques).


I hope that the above has answered any questions you may have about advertising for Bird Watching Asia, and if you are still unsure or have some other questions, contact me anytime.

All inquiries or questions will be replied to, but not immediately. Please note that sometimes I may be out on the field for a job or simply for my own bird watching in Malaysia.

Advertising For Bird Watching
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Advertising For Bird Watching
For those interested in advertising for bird watching with us, it is a fairly simple process and you can simply contact us via email or phone. But you should read this first before contacting Bird Watching Asia. 
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