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Media Team Birdwatching Asia
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Media Team Birdwatching Asia

At Birdwatching Asia, we are committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information for our readers’ convenience when searching for related matters to birding.

With this, our team comprises three individuals who are passionate about birdwatching and are usually out in the field; hence you can be assured that you are getting the best information from us.

Birdwatching Asia Team

The team consists of founder David Hogan Jr, Ashraf Anuar Zaini and Ashwin Kalai Chelvan, who all are from Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. We met during several birding trips organised by other bird groups and found a common interest in sharing knowledge.

Our mission is simple – sharing as much information about birdwatching through the places, we have visited. Hence, we can provide accurate first-hand experiences to our readers via article writing, video and social media.

Birdwatching Asia David Hogan Jr
David Hogan Jr

David Hogan Jr

David has been birdwatching since 2007 after being introduced to this hobby in Sandakan, Sabah Borneo. David also manages Malaysia Asia and David Explores, two travel and lifestyle blogs that have been around for over a decade.

Birdwatching Asia was created in early 2008 to move this hobby away from the main travel blog and have its home; hence it is all about birds, birding and birdwatching for birdwatchers.

Birdwatching Asia Ashraf
Ashraf Anuar Zaini

Ashraf Anuar Zaini

Ashraf has been birdwatching since early 2013 and has always been passionate about birding and bird photography. In early 2023, Ashraf was invited to join as an associate of the Birdwatching Asia team. Ashraf is also active in the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and often participates in birding events around the country.

Birdwatching Asia Ashwin
Ashwin Kalai Chelvan

Ashwin Kalai Chelvan

Ashwin has been birdwatching since 2003 and was involved in birding together with his brother in those days. He used to do birding whenever going for family trips and other nature-related activities. After the Covid-19 pandemic, he became more involved in local Malaysian bird clubs and is active with the Wild Bird Club of Malaysia (WBCM) and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). Since January 2023, Ashwin has also been invited to Birdwatching Asia as an associate team member, sharing his experiences through articles and videos.

What does Birdwatching Asia do? 

Our sole purpose is to provide all kinds of birdwatching information from Malaysia and worldwide to our readers. As we are not technical or academic birders, we share a common ground with the general everyday birders; hence it is easier to provide simple information through articles and videos.

  1. Article Writing for Birdwatching – Part of our speciality includes writing articles related to birding and then sharing them on our social media channels. This, in return, will provide more information to anyone looking for it online. We are also trained in SEO writing, which gives us the advantage of appearing at the top of search engines.
  2. Video Creation for Birds and Birdwatching – We also create videos related to birding, but not the documentary types. Our strategy is to make short videos that we keep simple and easy to watch. We are not YouTubers who are all out to create video content. Check out our Birdwatching Asia YouTube channel.
  3. Social Media for Birding – We share birdwatching information through our minimalist social media channels, namely Facebook and Twitter, to benefit those active on social media channels. Check out our Birdwatching Malaysia Facebook Group and Twitter Account.
  4. Birdwatching Product Reviews – Reviews of new products related to birding, and we will review them in an article format that will be shared on social media. We will also do a Facebook review on our main group and page.
  5. Birdwatching Destination Reviews – This is a special segment where we will work with the clients’ destination to review it in person to share the experience with potential birders visiting the place for their birding trips or holidays. Clients can be tourism boards, hotels & resorts or even the bird tour operator.

Contact the Birdwatching Asia Team

The best way to contact us is through our contact form here or via email –


We are currently the only birdwatching media in Malaysia and possibly the most active in Southeast Asia, where we share information about birdwatching information, news, activities, events, fairs and even equipment review.

If you would like to work with us, please get in touch with us. We can discuss further how Birdwatching Asia can assist in promoting or marketing your business to another level.