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Buy me a cup of Kopi

You may be wondering what is this section all about? Or probably have seen this term – ‘Buy me a cup of coffee’ on some other website or blog. Let me share what this means and why I used Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee or Kopi.

Most independent or self-funded websites and blogs tend to be privately operated, either by one person or a couple. Along with the operation, there is quite much cost involved in managing and running a website or blog.

Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee or Kopi

In simple terms, buying me a coffee or kopi means that if the people who read the website or blog and found the content useful or enjoyed it can make a small donation or contribution towards the website or blog owner.

This donation or contribution will provide extra funding to keep the website or blog going or even adding new features, among many other things. Some can even be surprising, depending on the donation.

Cost of Running a Website or Blog

You may think it does not cost much to manage and run a website or blog, but just for coffee sake, let me share with you the actual cost involved in doing so.

Domain name: To get your own domain name, you need to maintain it every year. This means the price varies from US$10.00 to US$50.00 per domain, depending on the extension.

Hosting Company: Hosting your website or blog also requires money, and the cheaper the host, the worst the service; hence most people will go for a recommended and reputable host provider, which can cost anywhere from US$50 to US$400 per year.

Content Creation: For Bird Watching Asia, I cannot just sit at home and become a ghostwriter plucking content from the sky and putting it down here. I need to travel, take photographs, stay at hotels and resorts to review destinations for bird watching.

Content creation sounds easy, but let me share with you that it is not. You need to know how to do stuff, get the right momentum in posting articles, reach out to readers, and so on.

PayPal Buy Me a Cup of Kopi
Click the link below to Buy Me A Cup of Kopi, and Thank You very much.

How to Buy Me a Cup of Coffee or Kopi?

If you have read the above and finally understand how much work is put into this site and want to contribute, you can do so by Buying Me a Cup of Coffee or Kopi through PayPal.

The link will take you directly to PayPal, and you can contribute or donate any amount you want to. If it is for a special cause, please contact me and let me know, and I can get back to you.


Once again, this is created to understand how independent website and blog operators work as it takes money to keep our platforms active. It is unlike social media platforms where they are free to utilize.

If you have bought me a cup of coffee and want to remain anonymous, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and rest assured that your contribution will be put into good use.