Negeri Sembilan Bird Race

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Bird Race Negeri Sembilan

Good news for birders and birdwatchers: The first Negeri Sembilan Bird Race 2024 will be held this coming September at Sungai Menyala, which is most likely at the PD Forest Sungai Menyala near the well-known Tuan Recreational Forest.

Negeri Sembilan Bird Race

Negeri Sembilan is also home to one of Malaysia’s leading birding events, Raptor Watch, which is held yearly at the Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest, quite near the Negeri Sembilan Bird Race venue at Sungai Menyala.

Bird Race at Sungai Menyala Negeri Sembilan
The serene and beautiful location for the bird race.
Sungai Menyala PD Forest Office
The main office and event area for PD Forest Sungai Menyala.

As there has not been any official announcement made on the exact whereabouts of the bird race will be held, I am guessing that it will take place at the PD Forest Sungai Menyala, which is towards the main Port Dickson area. This forest reserve is also a 24-hectare virgin jungle reserve maintained by the Negeri Sembilan Forestry Department.

For the record, EcoMy and several other government and NGO bodies held a Negeri Sembilan bird expedition in 2016, which was quite a successful event. But since then, there has been no follow-up for a full-scale birding event here until now, in 2024.

PD Forest Sungai Menyala is also known to attract hikers and nature lovers. The venue also hosts several events and functions. This is mainly because of the facilities and open space around the main entrance area, which is why I think the birdwatching event will be held there.

Bird Watching Expedition Negeri Sembilan
The 2016 Negeri Sembilan Bird Expedition was led by Andrew Sebastian of EcoMy.
Where is Sungai Menyala
Google Maps shows where Sungai Menyala is located in Negeri Sembilan.

Where is Sungai Menyala in Negeri Sembilan?

Sungai Menyala is on the way to Port Dickson and Tanjung Tuan via the North-South Expressway (NKVE E37) and then the Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (SPDH E29). The route takes you through Mambau and Lukut before turning at Si Rusa towards Ladang Sua Betong.

If you use Waze or Google Maps, search for PD Forest Sg Menyala; it should quickly lead you there. This, again, is only if the organisers confirm the venue of the bird race within the next few months. Otherwise, I will update the information here.

Directions to Sungai Menyala
Directions to Sungai Menyala take around 1.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.
Where is Sungai Menyala
A closer look at where Sungai Menyala is located at.

Who is the Organiser of the Negeri Sembilan Bird Race?

The Forestry Department of Negeri Sembilan organises the Negeri Sembilan Bird Race and collaborates with NEST, Malaysia Nature Society (MNS), Wild Bird Club Malaysia (WBCM), and EcoMy. For additional information, you can also contact the Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Sembilan via their Facebook Page.

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There are several bird races in Malaysia happening in 2024. If you would like to know more, we also share information about other birding events around Southeast Asia and worldwide. Some are bird races, while others are bird fairs and festivals.

For those planning to attend the Negeri Sembilan Bird Race 2024, please stay tuned. We will try to get more information from the organisers and share it here. For now, it’s back to birding around Malaysia until this September.

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