Striated Heron Bird at Langkawi Malaysia

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Straited Heron Bird Malaysia

Here is a photo of a Striated Heron bird at Langkawi Island in the northwest of Malaysia. This photo was taken during a quick bird watching trip to Darulaman Sanctuary, located in Langkawi’s centre.

The Striated Heron (Butorides striata) is not easily spotted. Still, during my birding trip to Darulaman Sanctuary, I managed to spot the bird at a small stream towards the end of my trek.

Striated Heron Bird at Langkawi Malaysia

The striated heron is also known as mangrove heron, little heron or green-backed heron, and is a small heron that is only about 44 cm tall.

Straited Heron Langkawi
The Striated Heron gets ready to catch its prey.

While checking out some of the local butterflies near a stream at Lubuk Semilang, my bird guide Fendi noticed this Striated Heron perched on a rock by the stream.

We observed from a distance, and it looked like it was on a hunting spree with its eyes fixated in the water. Of course, I took many photos and eventually moved in a little closer to get some close-up shots.

However, I had to move slowly to startle the striated heron, but at around five meters, the bird noticed me coming and flew away to a nearby tree branch. To add on, you can also find the Striated Heron bird at various other locations around Langkawi, but again, as this is pure nature, it all depends on luck.

Directions to Darulaman Sanctuary
The distance from Kuah to Darulaman Sanctuary via car. Image: Google Maps

Where is Darulaman Sanctuary?

Darulaman Sanctuary is located at Lubuk Semilang and in the centre of Langkawi. To get here, you need to use the Jalan Ulu Melaka Road, and you will see a signboard that shows Lubuk Semilang or Langkawi Book Village.

There are a few ways of getting here, and if you are self-driving on finding your own way here, you can either rent a car in Langkawi or rent a motorbike to move around.

How to go to Darulaman Sanctuary
From Pantai Cenang, it takes about 20 minutes to drive to Darulaman Sanctuary. Image: Google Maps.

It takes roughly 20 minutes to drive to get there from Kuah town or Kuah Jetty, and from Pantai Cenang or Chenang, it takes around the same time. In most cases, you would book your slot with the naturalist here before heading here. Also, it is best to book in advance and plan your transportation.

Darulaman Sanctuary
The Darulaman Sanctuary visitor building.

How To Get In Touch With Darulaman Sanctuary?

The place is open daily, but you should contact Mr Fendi, who oversees the place on weekends. He is also the resident naturalist for the place.

Otherwise, you can always email Mr Fendi to book a day and time to visit this place. Please note it is not recommended to do this last minute.

Darulaman Sanctuary (Lubuk Semilang)
Address: Lubuk Semilang Kampung Buku, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Contact: Mr Fendi
Tel: +6 019 591 9858


My trip here was made on 7 Jan 2020 as I stayed at the Tanjung Rhu Resort for some work, and I had some free time to check out this new bird watching place in Langkawi. Overall, I have to say that the Darulaman Sanctuary in Langkawi is one of the lesser-visited natural destinations. It has only been three years since they opened up for visitors.

If you love nature walks, birds and butterflies, I would highly recommend visiting this place, and if you are a bird watcher, you may even spot the beautiful striated heron bird here in Langkawi.

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