Putrajaya Bird Race and Festival

Putrajaya Bird Race

For the bird watchers and photographers out there, did you know there is a Putrajaya Bird Race and Festival which apparently takes place in March? Yes, the Putrajaya Bird Race also takes place at the Putrajaya Wetlands.

Due to a lack of publicity, not many people know about this event, and only those in the selected birders circle know about it.

Well, it is my job to promote any kind of bird watching race, event or festival, and Putrajaya is one of the new birding events that has made it into Bird Watching Asia.

Putrajaya Bird Race and Festival

Taman Wetlands Putrajaya
One of the viewing towers at Taman Wetlands Putrajaya.

To be very honest, there is not much information about this excect that Tourism Malaysia has this even listed in their calendar for 2019, and the Putrajaya Bird Race took place from 15th to 17th March.

I am actually puzzled if this event did go on or it has been postponed to a later date, as rumours say that there will be a Putrajaya Bird Festival which is scheduled to take place in the later part of 2019.

For now, I will be on the look out for more information to this bird race in Putrajaya. Once I get more confirmation, I will be updating it here.

In July of 2018, there was a Putrajaya Mini Bird Race which was a local event organised by the various ministries here. The event saw a total of 57 participants.

The Putrajaya Mini Bird Race was also held at Taman Wetlands and was organized by Tourism Malaysia, Perbadanan Putrajaya and NEST.

Some of the birds that are spotted in Putrajaya.
Bird Species in Putrajaya
Bird species spotted in Putrajaya.

Why Putrajaya for the Bird Race? 

Simple – The Putrajaya Wetlands is well known to be home to over 2000 water birds from almost 200 species. On weekends, many local bird watchers and photographers will make their way here to spot these birds.

Plus eversince Putrajay was around, there have been many sightings for various birds and to date, there has not been a proper and official bird watching event or bird race held here. Well, that is what I know.

There has only been small scale bird watching events done in the last few years.

Putrajaya Mini Bird Race
Participants of the 2018 Putrajaya Mini Bird Race.

When is the Putrajaya Bird Race?

Apparently it is held in the middle of March, and takes place for three days over the weekend. Those in the Putrajaya birding circle would know more about this birding event.

As of writing this article, there has been no news on any other bird race or event in Putrajaya. Once I get more information, I will surely post it here.

Update: The Putrajaya Bird Race 2019 is taking place from 15 to 17 November at Taman Wetlands in Putrajaya.

Putrajaya Bird Race Map
A map showing the Taman Wetlands or Putrajaya Wetlands where the bird race is held.

How to go to the Putrajaya Bird Race and Festival?

Putrajaya is located about 45 to 60 minutes drive from the capital of Kuala Lumpur or the city of Petaling Jaya. The event is also held at the Putrajaya Wetlands Park, which is next to Pricence 11.

There are also trains that go to Putrajaya, but one needs to take a taxi or ride-haling service to the wetlands from the main Putrajaya terminal.

The best way to go to Putrajaya for locals is to self-drive there. And if you are a visitor, it is recommended you rent a car and drive here as it will be much easier to move around.

Putrajaya Bird Watching
Birdwatchin in Putrajaya was only done on a small scale.


For now, this is just unconfirmed as there has been no news or press release about the bird event in Putrajaya. Once I get more information, I will be updating it here.

Just so you know, you may have Googled Putrajaya Bird Race and landed on various other websites, but all they have is cut and paste information taken from the Tourism Malaysia website.

This is just to clarify that Bird Watching Asia is indeed a genuine and dedicated website to birds and birdwatching in Malaysia.

I just got the news where the Putrajaya Bird Race 2019 takes place from 15 to 17 November at Taman Wetlands.


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