Rare Bird Alert in Malaysia

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Malaysia Rare Bird Alert

Rare Bird Alert in Malaysia

This section of Rare Bird Alert in Malaysia is created to share news of any rare or interesting bird that has come up on the birders’ chat or birding social media channels. In Malaysia, there are several reports of uncommon migrant visiting birds, which gets many birdwatchers and photographers excited.

This section will be updated from time to time when a rare or unique bird is spotted around Malaysia. Birdwatching Asia will never share information on nesting birds. The information will be shared here if the bird has been announced openly on social media or chats.

December 2023 – A Chestnut-winged Cuckoo was sighted and shared on social media on 17th December, and the location is somewhere in Selangor. No accurate location has been provided at the moment of writing this. I will update this when I get more information.

December 2023 – In early December, a Collared Owlet was spotted in Fraser’s Hill, and this led to loads of local bird photographers heading there to photograph it.



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