Panti Bird Race 2024 Winners Results

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Winners Panti Bird Race 2024

Here are the Panti Bird Race 2024 winners’ results as the event took place from 27-28 April at the Panti Bird Sanctuary in Kota Tinggi, Johor. This is also the first time the bird race has occurred here.

The Malaysian Nature Society Headquarters, MNS Johor Branch, and the Johor Forestry Department organised the event, with support from various NGOs and tourism boards around Malaysia and even Singapore. Sponsors include the Malaysian Palm Oil Green Conservation Foundation (MPOGCF), Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd, Canon Malaysia and Farm Fresh Milk.

Panti Bird Race 2024 Winners Results

After two days of racing around the Panti Bird Sanctuary, 44 local and international teams participated, with 117 participants for the inaugural bird race here in Johor. Participants came from around Malaysia, while international participants were from Singapore, India, Cambodia, and even Sri Lanka.

Of the 44 teams that participated, 17 were international, which has now stirred the idea of calling the net event the Panti International Bird Race 2025. The organisers mentioned this during their closing speech.

Officials Panti Bird Race
The officials and VIPs at the Panti Bird Race.

Five school teams, namely the secondary teams, also took part, and the organisers hope to see more schools and even universities participate in the next bird race in 2025. Overall, the objective was to have fun, and even we at Birdwatching Asia participated in the bird race.

In total, over RM12,000 in cash and prizes were given to all the winning teams. There was even a special bird treasure hunt contest in which several teams searched for clues related to birds.

Results for Panti Bird Race 2024

Results Panti Bird Race 2024
The results for the Panti Bird Race 2024.
Winner Panti Bird Photo Race
The winning team for the Bird Photo Race.
Novice Category Winner Panti Bird Race
The winning team for the novice category.
Panti Bird Race 2024 Winning Team
The winning team for the 2024 Panti Bird Race for the advanced category.
Team Birdwatching Asia
The Birdwatching Asia team with the legendary Dr Yong Ding Li (second from left).

As you can see, there were three main categories for the event, which focused on the novice and advanced bird race category, while there was a special bird photo race category, which saw a good response. We believe that the bird photo race should be the main format as this cuts any cheating elements because you need photo proof.

It’s quite subjective, as seasoned birdwatchers may not agree on this, but the photo race would be the best way to have a clean and honest competition. We also think the organisers can still have the general bird race, but maybe a trophy can be given for that while the prizes in cash and kind can be focused on the photo race.

Apart from the Panti Bird Race, maybe other organisers reading this can take the lead and explore focusing on the bird photo race for future events. Again, thanks to the Malaysian Nature Society Headquarters and Malaysian Nature Society Johor Branch members for the successful event.


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