How Malaysia Did in Global Big Day 2024

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Global Big Day 2024

Global Big Day 2024, an event organized by the birdwatching app eBird, just concluded last weekend! The event, which was held globally, brought together birdwatchers from around the globe to submit bird observation checklists in the span of 24 hours. It is heartening to note that many people worldwide are passionate about birds and wildlife and are doing their small part to contribute to citizen science in our current age!

How did Malaysia do on Global Big Day 2024?

Malaysia did exceptionally well, recording 483 species in 24 hours this year! In terms of participation, eBird users from Malaysia submitted 142 checklists! This is a good number; hopefully, in the coming years, we will have even more participation and checklists!

Malaysia’s Results for Global Big Day

Regarding global standings, Malaysia did exceptionally well as a small country, achieving number 15 globally for the species list standings and number 50 worldwide for the checklist standings. Globally, the number 1 country in terms of the number of species is Columbia, while the top country in terms of the number of checklists is the United States of America.

Malaysia’s Results in Asia

In the Asian Subregion, Malaysia again did well and maintained the number 2 spot as last year. India, a very large country with higher bird diversity, maintained the number 1 spot. Hopefully, Malaysia can maintain this for future Global Big Day Events. As for checklist standings, Malaysia was number 8 in Asia. This can definitely be improved upon. I hope to get more eBirders in the country to boost checklist contributions.


Overall, it was a wonderful Global Big Day accomplishment from Malaysia! It was definitely a wonderful occasion to come together and support birds in our own way. A big thank you to all the birders from Malaysia who participated!

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