Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022

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Bird Race Taman Negeri Rompin Pahang

There is good news for birdwatchers as the Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022 is happening on 17 September 2022, and this will also be the first official bird race for the state park in Pahang, Malaysia.

It will be a one-day event that will last for seven hours, where teams of three people will explore the park to spot the most number of birds. This bird race collaborates with the Wild Bird Club of Malaysia, Malaysia Nature Society and Perhilitan Pahang.

Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022

Bir Race at Rompin State Park
The new Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022 poster released in early August.
Pesta Lumba Burung Taman Negeri Rompin
The previous Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022 poster.
Rompin State Park Bird Race
The lookout tower and canopy bridge at Taman Negeri Rompin in Pahang.

While birdwatching and bird photography have suddenly been the trend for over 50s since the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been tremendous growth in this genre where many are seeking different areas to do their hobby.

Because of the pandemic restrictions in 2020 and 2021, many birders did their birding around their area or state. Since the Malaysian government has opened up fully since April 2022, many are more comfortable exploring their territory and visiting other birding locations in Malaysia.

Rompin State Park is one of these places that is an up-and-coming destination for birdwatching and nature exploring. The Taman Negeri Rompin is also an IBA in Malaysia.

Why Create A Bird Race in Rompin Pahang?

The purpose is to introduce the first bird race in Rompin State Park, Pahang, held by Rompin Rainforest Lodge. And the Rompin State Park, within the Endau-Rompin Forest Complex, boasts 253 species of birds as of today, and over 120 species have been recorded in the park.

The Bird Race, organised by Rompin Rainforest Lodge, will be the first to be held in Rompin State Park to promote and appreciate the bird diversity within the area.

Furthermore, this event will include other exciting programs for birdwatchers and people new to bird activities, such as Bird Talk and nature-related activities. It will involve optic suppliers participating, where visitors can have a real on-field experience by trying out the products.

The Bird Race at Rompin State Park aims to bring birdwatching fun and a platform to appreciate bird diversity. Covering over 39,000 hectares of pristine forest, the park is home to 253 species of rainforest birds, and some are easily spotted here.

Taman Negeri Rompin
A view of the Rompin State Park.

Objective of Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022

1. To promote the diversity of rainforest bird species within Rompin State Park.
2. To promote the Rompin district in Pahang as a birdwatching destination in Malaysia.
3. To aim for bird conservation and create awareness during the bird fair.
4. To further develop skills and interests among local communities for bird conservation and bird guide.
5. To connect with birdwatching groups or clubs in Malaysia and internationally.
6. To increase the number of birdwatchers and eco visitors to Rompin district, thus indirectly boosting its economy.

Registration for Rompin State Park Bird Race

Anyone interested in participating in this bird race can register here.

Rules and Regulations for the Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022

  • To record sighting of only wild and in good condition birds. An injured or dead bird will not be counted.
  • The species of birds recorded must be seen by at least two members, and three members must make identification of species.
  • The use of audio to call for the birds is strictly prohibited. If a group is caught using audio, the group will be disqualified from continuing the race.
  • Upon reaching the entrance to the trails going to checkpoints, a guide will assist the teams for safety and lead to the marshals.
  • The 7-hour race with teams of three will compete to record as many species as possible within the time given at the designated areas.
  • Marshalls appointed consists of experts in bird watching to assist participants with bird identification and ensure the participants strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the race.
  • Upon reaching the checkpoints, every group shall pass the Competition Logbook, where the Marshalls will verify the group’s visit to the sites.
  • All vehicles are not allowed during the race, and access to the checkpoints must be by walking.
  • All teams are obliged to visit every checkpoint as shown on the map.
  • The last call for bird sighted by participants is at 1500 hours. The group that fails to do so will receive a penalty by species deduction at two species per minute.
  • The winner will be announced at 1700 Hours.

The winner will be based upon:

  • The highest number of species recorded.
  • If another team has the same number of species, the arbitrator will decide based on the number of individual birds sighted.
  • If other groups share the number of individual birds, the arbitrator will decide based on the earliest submission.
  • The arbitrator’s decision is final.
Rompin Taman Negeri
One of the beautiful waterfalls at the state park.

Activities at the Rompin State Park Bird Race

As always, various activities will happen during the event, and for the Rompin Bird Race, two NGOs are providing several activities for visitors to the state park.

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

  • Mini-games for kids.
  • A talk about conservation of wildlife and forest by MNS: the time of the talk is from 1430 hours to 1600 hours.
  • The talk shall be held inside Multipurpose Hall using a projector and sound system of TNRP.

Wild Bird Club of Malaysia (WBCM)

  • The club members will lead an “Introduction to Birdwatching” tour within TNRP.
  • The maximum number of participants is 20 per group for five groups and is limited only to two sessions.
    – First Session: 0900 Hours – 1100 Hours
    – Second Session: 1500 Hours – 1700 Hours

Kayaking (By Rompin Rainforest Lodge)

To paddle within a designated area of Sungai Kinchin. Each session lasts for 30 minutes and is charged RM20/per person.

Rompin State Park Accommodations
The three types of lodging are available at Rompin State Park.

Accommodation/Lodging at Rompin State Park

There are three types of accommodation available for visitors to the state park, and they consist;

  • Rainforest Lodge – Total of 11 units. Five units for couples, six units for four persons. Total 34 guests.
  • Rainforest Dorm – Total 1 Dorm for ten guests.
  • Standard Chalet – Total 3 units for four guests per unit, totalling 12 guests.

Overall, 56 people at any one time for accommodation in the park.

Rompin State Park Pahang Directions Map
A map showing where the state park is located and how long it will take to drive from KL.

How to go to Rompin State Park in Pahang?

You need to use Waze or Google Maps and search for “Taman Negeri Rompin” or Rompin State Park Pahang for those driving, and then follow directions. From Kuala Lumpur, it will take almost five hours to get there.

To benefit the old school road users, you can use GPS Coordinates: 2.624042, 103.331108 to get there. But I believe everyone now uses Google Maps or Waze.

For those not driving, I suggest you find someone to carpool or join their vehicle to get here. There is no public transport to get here, and the closest town is Kuala Rompin, a 45-minute drive from the town to the state park.

Those without vehicles can also opt to rent a car and drive here as it will be less hassle than asking for a ride.

Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022

  • Date: 17 September 2022
  • Time: 7.00 AM till 5.00 PM
  • Type: Team of 3 participants
  • Price: RM210 per team, inclusive entrance fee and event t-shirt for team members
  • Prizes: TBC

Rompin State Park Pahang General Admission

  • Adults: RM30 (MyKad), RM50 (Visitors)
  • Kids (3-12): RM10 (MyKad), RM30 (Visitors)
  • Senior (60+): RM15 (MyKad), RM30 (Visitors)

You can also visit the Rompin State Park official website for more information.

Birdwatching at Rompin State Park Pahang
There are 253 species of birds spotted at the Rompin State Park.

For avid birders, there is also the Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2022, Borneo Bird Race 2022 and the Putrajaya Bird Race 2022, which takes place this year, so in total, this event makes it four bird races in Malaysia just for this year.


For those who have always wanted to visit Rompin State Park, this is your opportunity to do so now, as you can start making your booking for this birding event in Pahang, Malaysia.

This will be the first time the park is organising the inaugural Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022, and this will also be another new venue for birdwatching for many birders and bird photographers.

As the organisers will share more information, I will be updating this article from time to time. Please subscribe to this site while you can also get additional information from my Birdwatching Malaysia Facebook Page.

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