Putrajaya Bird Race 2022

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Lumba Burung Putrajaya 2022

The Putrajaya Bird Race 2022 will finally be held on 19 and 20 November after a two-year break due to the Covid 19 pandemic that crippled the entire world.

The first Putrajaya Bird Race was held in 2019, and local birders quite well received it; ambitiously, the 2nd PJBR2020 was scheduled to be held from 6-8 November but was cancelled due to the Covid19 lockdowns.

Putrajaya Bird Race 2022

Since a two year absence, the current PJBR 2022 should officially be the 2nd event held here at Taman Wetlands and as a two-day event. I await the official organisers’ announcement about this.

2022 Putrajaya Bird Race
The poster for the bird race at Putrajaya.

Based on the inaugural event, there were a lot of activities involving schools, bird awareness, contests, bird walks and demonstrations conducted by various departments. Many birders did not know much about this due to a lack of publicity, but now more people know about the Putrajaya Bird Race and Festival held in November.

This time around, I genuinely hope that the organisers will invite or contact me to fully understand the bird race and share some vital information that I can then share here for readers.

I have been writing about birdwatching since 2008 and writing for Birdwatching Asia since 2018, but somehow, some seem not to understand how specialised media works. They still prefer to keep bombarding social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote their events.

Pesta Lumba Burung Putrajaya
The Putrajaya Bird Race 2020 did not occur due to the Covid 19 lockdowns.

Activities at Putrajaya Bird Race 2022

As for the lineup of activities, there is no official announcement available. Once I get more information, I will update it here. However, it could be similar to what was done for the first Putrajaya Bird Race 2019.

Putrajaya Bird Photography Competition

There will be a bird photo competition in Putrajaya for the event, just that there is no information available at the moment. Also, I will update this section once I get more information.

Putrajaya Bird Race 2022

  • Date: 19 & 20 November 2022
  • Venue: Taman Wetlands, Putrajaya
  • Entrance: Free
Putrajaya List of Events 2022
The official list of events in Putrajaya for 2022. The PJBR2022 is scheduled for November.


As I await more information about this bird race in Putrajaya, you can start blocking off dates if you wish to attend or participate in this birding event.

There will also be the Borneo Bird Festival 2022, which will take place in Sabah, and this is known to be the must-attend birding event in Southeast Asia.

The 2nd Putrajaya Bird Race 2022 is the second birding event after the Frasers Hill Bird Race (July 2022) in Peninsular Malaysia. It is also one of the growing events for avian tourism in Malaysia, which has the potential to attract foreigners here.

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