Borneo Bird Festival 2022

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Pesta Burung Borneo Sabah

For those who have been waiting patiently, the Borneo Bird Festival 2022 is back this year after a two-year hiatus from the Covid 19 pandemic. The bird festival will also be held at the original home ground at the Rainforest Discovery Centre or RDC in Sepilok, Sandakan.

Mark your dates for 22-23 October 2022, as this is Borneo’s only birdwatching event that has been around for more than ten years now. This birding event is also one of the bucket-list destinations for many birdwatchers and bird photographers.

Borneo Bird Festival 2022

For now, the organisers are planning everything before announcing the details for the bird festival here in Sandakan. Therefore, I will be updating this article from time to time whenever I get new information.

Remember to block off your dates from 22 to 23 October 2022; the main venue is at the Rainforest Discovery Centre or RDC in Sepilok, Sandakan. The Borneo Bird Club and Sabah Tourism Board confirmed the event, which is now official. More information on this event will be provided soon.

Updated 1 Oct 2022 – The full itinerary and prize list have been added to this article.

Organisers Borneo Bird Festival 2022
Borneo Bird Festival 2022 organisers, sponsors and committee.

Borneo Bird Festival 2022 Activities

As always, there will be a series of activities for everyone during the bird festival for birders and non-birders. The activities will be spread throughout the two days at the Rainforest Discovery Center (RDC) at Sepilok, Sandakan. Activities include;

  • Bird Race
  • Bird Photo Race
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Bird camp
  • Talks on Birds
Program for Borneo Bird Festival 2022
The complete program for the Borneo Bird Festival 2022.
Prizes for Borneo Bird Festival 2022
The prizes for all the competitions during BBF2022.

Borneo Bird Festival 2022 Dates and Information

  • Date: 22 & 23 October 2022
  • Day: Saturday and Sunday
  • Venue: Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) at Sepilok, Sandakan, Sabah
  • Time: 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Organisers: Borneo Bird Club
  • Supported By: Sabah Tourism Board
  • Inquiries:

Borneo Bird Festival Entrance Tickets

  • Entrance with Malaysian IC:
    • Adults & Seniors – RM7.00
    • Children/Teens (5-17 Years) – RM3.00
    • Infants/OKU – Free
  • Entrance with Passport:
    • Adults & Seniors – RM20.00
    • Children/Teens (5-17 Years) – RM10.00]

More Information is available on the Borneo Bird Festival Website.

Bird Festival in Sabah Borneo 2022
A visitor at the Borneo Bird Festival checking a camera system for birdwatching.

Where to Stay in Sepilok, Sandakan?

Several nature resorts are found in the main Sepilok area, and some are very impressive. I have stayed at several resorts throughout the many years of visiting this place, and I will share some of my reviews.

The last place I stayed for the Borneo Bird Festival in 2019 was My Nature Resort, which is within walking distance of the Rainforest Discovery Centre, where the event is taking place.

An earlier review of Sepilok Nature Resort was done when I stayed there back in 2011, noting that SNR has undergone upgrades and renovations since 11 years ago.

For more information, you can also read this article about where to stay in Sepilok, where I have narrowed down all the lodges, hotels and resorts in the area.

Things to do around Sepilok

For those staying in the main Sepilok area, you can also take some time off to explore other places of interest, including the world-famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, which is around the corner from the RDC.

You can also visit the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation, which is directly opposite the orangutan centre, as this place is genuinely a one-of-a-kind centre, which I recommend visiting.

Borneo Birds Poster
A poster for the birds of Borneo.

Bird Watching in Sandakan, Sabah

For those planning their first trip to attend the Borneo Bird Festival 2022, you should also note that Sandakan is the best wildlife destination in Malaysia due to its birds and many other amazing animals.

If you also plan to explore other birding destinations in Sabah, I would also suggest places like Kinabalu Park, Danum Valley, Tabin Wildlife Reserve and Trus Madi Forest Reserve as some of the notable birding hotspots.

What else to do in Sandakan?

For those who are also taking the opportunity to spend a little more time here, I have also done an article about ten things to do in Sandakan, and you can use this as a guide to explore this beautiful city.

And if you love food, I have also done a simple article on the must-eat food in Sandakan. However, this article was published several years ago and may have minor updates. This article will be updated by me when I revisit Sandakan.


You can also read about the last Borneo Bird Festival trip report, which I did, just before the pandemic came around in 2020. The report is basic and written for general birders, new birders and so on.

The Borneo Bird Festival 2022 is a much-awaited birding event in Southeast Asia for many birders; therefore, I hope to meet some local and international birdwatchers during this event.

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