Asian Bird Fair 2022 Suncheon, Korea

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2022 Asian Bird Fair Korea

This year’s Asian Bird Fair 2022 take place in Suncheon, Korea; this is also the 11th year for the event and the second time being held in Korea. The last time this avitourism event was held was in 2019 in Kuching in Sarawak, Malaysia.

After the Covid19 pandemic crippled worldwide travel and locked down borders, many local and international events were affected, and the Asian Bird Fair was one of them.

Asian Bird Fair 2022 Suncheon, Korea

For those who may not know about this event and fair, I will try my best to summarise it as simply as possible. The Asian Bird Fair is a birdwatching event that attracts birders or birdwatchers from around the region to a specific destination.

While you may think it is like a travel fair, it is a mix of both destination travel and academic driven. At the bird fair, there is usually an area where invited vendors from around the world will come and showcase their birdwatching services, including complete packages.

Suncheon Hooded Cranes
The Hooded Cranes are one of the birds to see when in Suncheon, Korea. (Photo Asian Bird Fair Facebook)

Tourism boards may also participate to showcase their country’s rich flora and fauna, including birds. Other participants will include birding equipment like optic makers and so on.

A list of offline and online talks will also be conducted through the Asian Bird Fair, again, based on several birding or bird-related topics that can be academic or just knowledge sharing.

Suncheon Birdwatching
Some of the birds can be spotted in Suncheon. (Photo Asian Bird Fair Facebook)

Itinerary for Asian Bird Fair 2022

As of writing this article, there is no official itinerary issued by the organisers, but I assume it should be out within the next few weeks. Again, there will be a welcoming day for guests, speakers and vendors, plus a welcome dinner on the arrival day.

The full itinerary should have a complete day-to-day breakdown of what will happen; therefore, keep a lookout on the main Asian Bird Fair website. The standard itinerary would be something as below;

1. Eve of the bird fair
– Arrival
– Welcome Dinner

2. 2nd Day of the bird fair
– Opening Ceremonies
– Exhibits/booths/talks
– Fellowship Dinner

3. 3rd Day of the bird fair
– Ecotourism Forum
– Closing Ceremonies
– ABF Dinner

4. 4th Day
– Ecotour to birdwatching/cultural sites
– Turnover Dinner (sponsored by the next ABF host)

5. 5th Day
– Check Out / Post Tour (duration of post-tour is subject to host capacity)


Suncheon Asian Bird Fair Map
A map showing where Suncheon is located in Korea.

When is the Suncheon Asian Bird Fair 2022? 

The fair takes place from 18-21 November at Suncheon in South Korea. The logistics of getting there are also not that difficult. I checked Malaysia Airlines, and they only fly up to Seoul. Therefore, you will need to connect from Seoul to Suncheon on a domestic airline there.

Suncheon Asian Bird Fair
The theme is ‘Eco-city in harmony with birds’.


This is the 11th time that the Asian Bird Fair is happening in Suncheon, Korea. For those interested in attending or participating, you should contact the organisers via the website mentioned above.

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It is an independent website run by me David, and I have also covered the 10th Asian Bird Fair 2019 in Kuching on my own. Maybe one day, the Asian Bird Fair will invite me to cover their events fully.

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