Winners of Rompin Bird Race 2022

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Rompin State Park Bird Race Winners

After an exciting inaugural birding event, here are the winners of the Rompin Bird Race 2022, a one-day event held on 17 September at the Pahang side of the Endau-Rompin National Park, which is shared with the state of Johor.

The Rompin State Park has also recently undergone a massive makeover since being taken over by a private company. There are now cosy accommodations with chalet and dorm choices, a Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) and a multi-function event hall.

Winners of Rompin Bird Race 2022

Rompin State Park Bird Race Participants
Participants during the bird race.

Four teams participated in the first-ever bird race at Rompin State Park, and everyone walked home a winner. The event was initiated by Park Manager Mr Affendi in early 2022 and finally took off in September.

The Rompin State Park is located on the Pahang side of the Endau-Rompin National Park and is not an accessible park to get to. From Kuala Lumpur, it takes about five hours to drive there.

Judges at the Bird Race in Malaysia
The judges checked all the bird race entries.

However, about ten birders and birdwatchers also showed up but did not participate as they wanted to experience exploring the Rompin State Park on their own. They explored the central park area, looking for insects, wildlife, and birds.

Anyway, below are the winners of the Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022;

Winner for Rompin State Park Bird Race
Tempua, the winning team at the Rompin State Park Bird Race 2022.

1st Place – Team Tempua (Klang Valley) – 26 Species – Prize Voucher: 1-night stay at Rompin State Park.

2nd Place – Team WBKR (Rompin) – 26 Species (the last species was a later count)

3rd Place – Team Mountain Barbet (Singapore) – 20 Species

4th Place – Team Rail-Babbler (Klang Valley) – 17 Species

Pememang Rompin State Park Bird Race
Second Place Winners – Team WBKR
Singapore Team at Rompin State Park Bird Race
3rd Place Winners from Singapore – Team Mountain Barbet
Rompin State Park Bird Race Winners
4th Place Winner – Team Rain-Babbler from Klang Valley

Once again, congratulations to all winners and also those who came to support the event. On the bright side, there was a fantastic moment where many birders and all team participants encountered a mega-lifer with a sighting of the Cinnamon-rumped Trogon! It was also a ‘Lifer’ for me, but unfortunately, I could not get a good clear shot.

Malaysia Nature Society
Malaysia Nature Society at their booth.


Birdwatching Asia was selected as the primary media covering this event. I want to thank Mr Affendi, Wild Bird Club Malaysia and the Rompin State Park Management for hosting my stay here. For more information about this beautiful place, please visit Rompin State Park.

Bird races always start small, and hopefully, with more interest and budget, the next Rompin Bird Race will be even bigger, with more teams participating. I hope that this short coverage has given you some idea of what to expect if you plan to visit next year.

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