Japan Bird Festival 2022

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2022 Japan Bird Festival

The Japan Bird Festival 2022 will be held on 5-6 November at Lake Teganuma at Abiko, just outside Tokyo. The event is also commonly known as JBF; therefore, this year, since Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted worldwide, the event will be known as JBF2022.

The location in the northeast of Tokyo makes this place perfect for the event as the area is well-known to be a naturalist area with the massive Teganuma Lake and its surrounding lakes and nature reserves.

Japan Bird Festival 2022

JBF is one of Japan’s largest bird-themed events in Lake Teganuma, Abiko City, in the Chiba Prefecture. For years, this birding event has attracted children, the elderly, and visitors from out of Jayan.

During the Japan Bird Festival, there will be many activities that include presentations of research and activities related to birds and the natural environment by the government, NGOs, students, and civic groups.

Photos Japan Bird Festival
Random photos from the previous Japan Bird Festival. (Photo from JBF Website)

Other activities and displays include exhibitions of bird sculptures, paintings, and photographs, children’s handicraft classes, stamp rallies, and many more exciting things, including a Japan bird photo contest that started earlier.

We must not forget that the Japanese are passionate about their hobbies; hence, you will see a lot of unique hobbies and crafts related to birds, ranging from postcards, stamps, drawings and even handmade crafts. It is only in Japan that things like this still attract all walks of life.

JBF was established in Abiko City on Lake Teganuma in November 2001. The city also has the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology, the only private ornithological research institute in Japan, and the Abiko City Bird Museum, the only museum specialising in birds in the country.

In addition to this research institute, the Japan Bird Conservation Federation, the Wild Bird Society of Japan, the Japan Bird Carving Association, the Japan Telescope Industry Association, and Abiko City formed the JBF executive committee and held the first festival.

Lake Teganuma Birds
Local visitors at Lake Teganuma. (Photo www.trip,com)

What Birds to see around Lake Teganuma?

This is for the benefit of those who want to spot some fantastic Japanese birds when they attend the JBF2022, as you will be around the lake area known for several birds. They include;

  1. Great Cormorant
  2. Green-winged Teal
  3. Eastern Spot-billed Duck
  4. Northern Pintail
  5. Northern Shoveler
  6. Mute Swan
  7. Herring Gull
  8. Black-headed Gull
  9. Grey Heron
  10. Great Egret
  11. Intermediate Egret
  12. Little Egret
  13. Moorhen
  14. Coot
  15. Osprey
  16. Black Kite
  17. Eastern Marsh Harrier
  18. Northern Goshawk
  19. Common Buzzard
  20. Common Kestrel
  21. Peregrine
  22. Green Pheasant
  23. Oriental Turtle Dove
  24. Common Kingfisher
  25. Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
  26. Japanese Skylark
  27. White Wagtail
  28. Japanese Wagtail
  29. Buff-bellied Pipit
  30. Bull-headed Shrike
  31. Daurian Redstart
  32. Pale Thrush
  33. Dusky Thrush
  34. Japanese Bush Warbler
  35. Zitting Cisticola
  36. Long-tailed Tit
  37. (Eastern) Great Tit
  38. Japanese White-eye
  39. Siberian Meadow Bunting
  40. Chestnut-eared Bunting
  41. Rustic Bunting
  42. Black-faced Bunting
  43. Japanese Reed Bunting
  44. Reed Bunting
  45. Oriental Greenfinch
  46. Long-tailed Rosefinch
  47. Hawfinch
  48. Tree Sparrow
  49. White-cheeked Starling
  50. Carrion Crow


Promotion Japan Bird Festival 2022
One of the Japanese promotions for the event.

Past Exhibitors at JBF

Over the years several international exhibitors have participated in the bird festival here over the years. Those that came were used to Japanese birders as the countries who participated would have Japanese-speaking bird guides. Below is a list of those participants;

  • Bird Conservation Society of Thailand
  • Borneo Bird Club Malaysia
  • Hawaii Island Festival of Birds
  • Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS)
  • Off to Bhutan Travel
  • Taiwan Bird Club
  • Travel Nepal Pvt.Ltd
  • Tum-Eco Tour Co., Ltd(Mongolia)
  • Wild Bird Club of the Philippines


Lake Teganuma
What Lake Teganuma looks like on a good day.

Participating in Birding Equipment and Optic Companies at JBF2022

As Japan is home to most of the well-known optic and camera brands, you can surely see some of the top-notch brands participating here, and if you are lucky, you may even get to see or try some of the 2023 models.

  • Kowa Optronics
  • OM Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • Nikon Imaging Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.
    Hakuba Photo Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Nature shop KYOEI Tokyo store
  • Bushnell MAVEN
  • Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
  • Cytron Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Ginza Sogando
  • FUJIFILM Imaging Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Tamron Co., Ltd.

Where and When is the Japan Bird Festival?

The bird festival in Japan takes place from 5-6 November 2022; every year, the event is usually held in November. As for the venue, the exact location for the Japan Bird Festival is the north shore of Lake Teganuma, located in Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture.

Location Map Japan Bird Festival
A location map shows where the Japan Bird Festival 2022 will occur in Abiko.

How to go to the Japan Bird Festival?

To get here, you must fly to Tokyo and then take a train from Tokyo, where there are two ways.

  • Train 1 – Take the JR (Japan Railway) Yamanote Line (Platform No.4) going toward Ueno & Ikebukuro and get off at Ueno Station.
    Train 2 – Take the Keihin-Tohoku Line (Platform No.3) toward Ueno & Omiya and get off at Ueno Station.
  • From Ueno Station, take the JR Joban Line (Rapid) (Platform No.10,11,12) going toward Toride, Katsuta, Tsuchiura or Mito and get off at Abiko station (about 35 minutes ride UENO → ABIKO)
  • You can also get to Abiko station by Subway (Tokyo Metro). Change trains Chiyoda Line (Line C) going toward Abiko. If you get on the trains toward Ayase, you must wait for the next train to go toward Abiko Station.

For more information, you may contact the organisers below in English;

Japan Bird Festival (JBF) Executive Committee Secretariat
(Abiko City Hall Environment and Economy Department Teganuma Section)
Phone: 04-7185-1484 Fax: 04-7185-5869
Email: jbf@city.abiko.chiba.jp
*Phone calls are available from 8:30 to 17:00. (Excluding weekends and holidays)

The promotional poster for JBA2022 in Japanese.


For anyone planning to visit the Japan Bird Festival 2022, I suggest you check all the requirements from individual countries. Japan recently opened up to tourism, and some countries may require additional procedures.

For Birdwatching Asia, it is an honour to feature the Japan Bird Festival in our publication. We hope we can one day visit the event in person to give full coverage of what happens at the bird festival.

This way, we can invite more Malaysians and other neighbouring countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei to visit the Japan Bird Festival 2023.

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