Taiping Bird Week 2022

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Pesta Burung Taiping 2022

The Taiping Bird Week 2022 will take place on 23-30 October this year and will be the third time this bird photography event will be happening here in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

The birding event will put Taiping on the birding map of Malaysia as more people have been getting into this hobby since the start of the Covid19 pandemic. There has also been a massive growth in birders, namely bird photographers.

Taiping Bird Week 2022

Apart from attracting bird photographers and bird watchers in general, the objective of the Taiping Bird Week event is to promote Birding Tourism in Malaysia in general and in Taiping in particular.

2022 Taiping Bird Week
The Taiping Bird Week 2022 Poster.

Since the Covid19 pandemic crippled all events and activities in Malaysia and worldwide, many have patiently awaited these birding events. For starters, the Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2022 is one of the major events to kickstart the industry.

Activities related to TBW2022 are also opened up to the public, especially those interested in obtaining detailed information through knowledge-sharing programs.

The previous Taiping Bird Week 2021 event was also successful due to the loosening travel restrictions in Malaysia in October. However, many were still cautious about travelling and going outdoors; hence, we should see a much larger turnout of participants and visitors this year.

Hoopoe Taiping Malaysia
A Eurasian Hoopoe was spotted in Taiping.

Taiping Bird Week Series

This year, there is a variation where Taiping Bird Week will be organised in two series.

  • Series 1 is taking place on the 12th & 13th of March 2022
  • Series 2 is scheduled to take place from 1st to 7th October 2022

Activities for Series 1;

  • Taiping Bird Week 2022 Launch Ceremony virtually by YBrs. Tuan Khairul Amir bin Mohamad Zubir, President of MPT
  • Bird Species Monitoring Program in three locations such as Taman Tasik Taiping, Bukit Larut & Kuala Sepetang
  • Launch of Taiping Bird Photography Competition 2022

Taiping Bird Week 2022

  • Date: 1-7 October
  • Venue: Taman Tasik Taiping, Bukit Larut & Kuala Sepetang
  • Contact: https://www.facebook.com/taipingbirdweek2021/
  • Organisers: Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) and the Natural Ecosystem Sustainability Organization (NEST)


Taiping Pesta Burung
Taiping Bird Week is in October 2022.


For the record, I am just an independent birding writer or bird watching journalist, as I have been actively doing this since 2008. Bird Watching Asia is a privately managed website focusing on Malaysia’s birding.

I will update this article once I get more information about Series 2 for Taiping Bird Week 2022. Meanwhile, this is your opportunity if you have never been birdwatching in Taiping. Make sure you book ahead for your hotel and accommodation.

If you are a new birder or a seasoned one, there are also several other birdwatching events in Malaysia that you can attend this year. You need to play your time to attend the events.

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