Global Bird Weekend 7-9 October 2022

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2022 Global Bird Weekend

Global Bird Weekend is back; this time around, more people will be participating in making this even better than the last. This new concept event encourages beginners and experienced naturalists to get out birdwatching and submit their sightings.

Global Bird Weekend 2022

GBW is a unique event; no matter where you are, you can be a citizen scientist and collect essential data about the birds around you. If birds are spotted, they could be around your housing area, a park or a wetland.

You can also participate as a team or as an individual, go out birding on the 7, 8 and 9 October 2022 and enjoy nature. Report what you see and hear on eBird; your observations will help scientists better understand global bird populations.

Follow Global Birding’s Facebook Page community to be inspired to enjoy our natural world and help raise funds for global bird conservation.

Global Bird Weekend 2022
Global Bird Weekend for 2022.

Where to Register for Global Bird Weekend?

For new people, visit the Global Bird Weekend official website and register as a beginner or returning member. The instructions are crystal clear and straightforward, and anyone can do it.

Remember, there is no pressure here, and if something urgent comes up, you can continue your bird count later or in the following days. It is that simple and flexible.

Do I Need an eBird Account?

Yes, you do, and please ensure your eBird account is ready for the Big Day. If you need to open an eBird Account, please go and sign up for eBird and ensure you are familiar with how to use eBird before Global Bird Weekend!

What About Malaysians? 

This is similar to Global Big Day in Malaysia, where everyone is encouraged to participate. So, this time, instead of a day, it’s a weekend. How fun is that?

Tim Appleton Global Bird Weekend
The founder of Global Bird Weekend, Tim Appleton.


There you have it, a new concept event that can be done worldwide and simultaneously with birders and ordinary people all taking part simultaneously. Why didn’t I think of that?

Remember, you need all the info on the official Global Bird Weekend website. So, go out, have fun and spot as many birds as possible. Who knows, you may even walk away a winner.

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