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Social Media birding Malaysia

For those who are active online, we are happy to announce our Bird Watching Malaysia social media platforms that we use to share news, events, photos and anything related to birding. You can now connect with us on several social platforms listed below.

However, just because it is social media, it does not mean we live inside those platforms. We only use our Birdwatching Malaysia accounts to share news and information, avoiding the endless scrolling syndrome.

Bird Watching Malaysia Social Media

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more people have taken the time to learn and understand the basics of social media, namely Facebook, Instagram and possibly TikTok. And this has led to more social engagement in the online world and birdwatching.

Just so you know, I have been active in social media since the late 90s, and when it all began, I have been through the excitement of sharing and connecting online. And in the last five years or so, I took a huge step back and was less active on my personal social media accounts due to an overdose of this.

But nowadays, I focus more on the Bird Watching Malaysia social media accounts to share articles, news, events, races, contests, etc. Below are some of my social media platforms, and you can follow us according to which ones you are active on.

  • Bird Watching Malaysia Facebook – This is our FB group, where anyone can join and post photos of birds or even ask questions. It is open and only related to birding. No self-promotions or non-bird-related postings; otherwise, we will ban the users.
  • Bird Watching Asia Facebook – This is our news outlet where we share all the events, festivals, fairs, races, contests and so on. It is a FB page, and birders can follow us to find out the latest news in the birding world.
  • Bird Watching Malaysia Instagram – As Instagram is one of the most toxic platforms, we try not to post too much. Still, we keep our postings to more news-related information rather than post endless bird photos and seek likes.
  • Bird Watching Malaysia X (formerly Twitter) – This is one of the active platforms we use to share birding news and photos, as X or Twitter, is one of the fastest platforms to share information. But you also need to know how to use the platform to reach more people.
  • Bird Watching Malaysia YouTube – This is our video channel, where we share short videos of birds or promotional videos for events, festivals, fairs, etc. You can like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we are now putting more focus here.
  • Bird Watching Malaysia LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a powerful business social media platform that professionals use versus other social media platforms. This is a great platform to connect with the birdwatching tour industry, and if you are a bird tour company or travel agent, please follow us here.
  • Bird Watching Worldwide Group on LinkedIn – This birding group on LinkedIn is open to all birders, bird guides, bird tour companies, and so on. This group allows users to post and share birding photos, news and other related information. It is free to join.
  • Bird Watching Malaysia Pinterest – Not many of you will know about Pinterest, but it is one of the social photo platforms we use to pin our photos from articles. If you are on Pinterest, please follow us there.
  • Bird Watching Malaysia TikTok – This is probably one of our least used platforms; we have the account name but hardly post anything here as this is a popular short video platform that most of the younger generation uses. However, times may change, and we may even be more active here one day.
Birdwatching Social Media
One day, we will just end up using our phones to do birding.


For those who are new to social media birding, have fun and remember to have a balance between reality and the internet. Not everything is about social media. And for those already active, you can follow our Bird Watching Malaysia social media accounts mentioned above.

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