Big Bird Race 2024 Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Big Bird Race 2024

Here is an interesting article about the Big Bird Race 2024 Hong Kong, which is WWF-Hong Kong’s longest-running birdwatchers event. The event has grown in the last three decades, generating strong enthusiasm locally and from overseas, attracting teams that vie to spot the most species in 12 hours.

This incredible birding event occurs around the Mai Po Marshes Wildlife Education Centre and Nature Reserve, often known simply as Mai Po in Hong Kong. It is also known that Mai Po and the Inner Deep Bay provide food and habitat for over 60,000 birds from more than 400 species each year.

Big Bird Race 2024 Hong Kong

For the Big Bird Race 2024, no official news has been published as of writing this article in November 2023. Most of the previous information is from the WWF-Hong Kong website and some other sites that are in Chinese.

Over the years, the bird race in Hong Kong has attracted many local teams to join, attracting teams from mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and even South Korea. The organisers also invited local secondary schools to join the event.

Inner Deep Bay Mai Po
What the Mai Po & Inner Deep Bay Nature Reserve looks like.

From what we know, the funds raised by teams in this bird race will directly contribute to the habitat management of Mai Po Nature Reserve to give birds and other wildlife a better home. This has been an initiative since establishing the Bird Bird Race in 1984.

Not only that, in the last ten years or so, the Big Bird Race has grown into a legendary challenge for local bird lovers, and it has become a regionally important birdwatching challenge, attracting school participants to join as well.

According to a report by the WWF-Hong Kong, bird watchers and observers at the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay wetland complex have recorded over 400 different species of birds in recent years, which is quite impressive for a RAMSAR site.

Hong Kong Bird Bird Race 1988
Big Bird Race in 1988, photograph by John and Jemi.

Here’s an interesting article with many old-school photos done by John and Jemi, who attended the Big Bird Race in 1988, as you can see in the picture above. I believe the 80s were a great time to do birding, minus all the technology we have today.

Big Bird Race 2024 Hong Kong

  • Date: TBC
  • Venue: Mai Po and the Inner Deep Bay
  • Website: WWF-Hong Kong
Hong Kong Birds
A beautiful collection of Birds of Hong Kong by Green Humour.


As usual, we will share it here in this article once Birdwatching Asia gets further information about the Big Bird Race 2024 Hong Kong. If anyone has some information, you can also contact me to get it published here.

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