Tokyo Birdwatching Event: It’s My Park Day

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It's My Park Day Tokyo Birdwatching Event

Who would have thought creating a birding event in Tokyo and calling it It’s My Park Day would be a big hit among Japanese birders? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the unexpected uniqueness of birdwatching in Japan.

The Tokyo birdwatching event called It’s My Park Day will occur in Ukima Park in the Itabashi City area. Not only that, but the event is also near the Arakawa River, which is known to have healthy birdlife there.

Tokyo Birdwatching Event: It’s My Park Day

This birdwatching event in Tokyo is not purely birding but more of a mix-genre event where they encourage locals and visitors to head out to the parks and spend some time there. And while at the parks, they encourage you to participate in activities like birdwatching.

During this event, the visitors are encouraged to participate in self-guided birding activities at this Tokyo park, where special self-guided tools are installed at six locations throughout Ukima Park.

The unique self-guided birding tool allows visitors to scan a QR code and see over 15 species of bird videos on their smartphones. You are also encouraged to bring your family and kids to this event.

Last year, the It’s My Park Day Tokyo Birdwatching Event was held at Johoku Central Park on 12 February, another park in the Itabashi City area. However, I am unsure if they are still doing it again for this year. According to the Japanese website, there is no information for this year’s event.

For those who require optics, the organisers arranged free rental of binoculars from the main service centre of the park daily. You need to check with the registration or information counter when you are there.

It's My Park Day Tokyo
The poster from 2023.

Birds at Ukima Park, Tokyo

Among the many birds that can be spotted, visitors will have the opportunity to see the following wild birds at the park;

  1. Cormorants
  2. Golden-winged ducks
  3. Kingfishers
  4. Pintail ducks
  5. Wigeons
  6. White-winged ducks

Tokyo Birdwatching Event: It’s My Park Day


For now, I am speculating that the event may continue through this year as it is the 150th anniversary of Parks in Tokyo, and this massive event has been a year-long celebration since February 2023. I am unsure about the birdwatching in the parks, but if I get more info, I will edit this article.

Meanwhile, for anyone in Tokyo or planning to go there in February, you can always check out this Tokyo Birdwatching Event: It’s My Park Day. You may even meet new Japanese birders and make new birding buddies there.

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