Subic Bay Photomarathon 2024

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Subic Bay International Photomarathon 2024

The Subic Bay Photomarathon 2024, a pioneer birds, wildlife and landscapes photography event, will spread its wings from 30 Aug to 1 Sept 2024 at Subic Bay Freeport Zone in the Philippines.

Organised by the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines – WBPP, the Subic Bay International Photomarathon aims to showcase the beauty and biodiversity of the Philippines and Subic Bay while promoting conservation awareness and empowering a sense of community among bird, wildlife, and landscape enthusiasts and photographers.

What’s Going On At The Subic Bay Photomarathon?

For now, this is what has been shared since early May 2024, and in addition to the bird photo contest, the birding event will feature several other activities, including;

  • An exhibition of Philippine bird photos
  • Birding-related equipment showcase
  • Birding merchandise booths
  • Wildlife photography contest
  • Landscape photography contest
  • Photography classes on birds, wildlife, and landscapes

International Photomarathon Subic Bay Subic Bay International Photomarathon 2024 Photography Contest Subic Bay 2024 Bird Photo Contest Subic Bay

The Puerto Princesa Underground River International Bird Photography Race is organised every November in Palawan by the Protective Area Management Board and the City of Puerto Princesa and the WBPP decided to create a bird photography event in mainland Luzon to coincide with the founding of the Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines (WBPP) is a brilliant way to celebrate both the organisation’s milestones and the rich biodiversity of the region.

By emphasising the quality of photographs over sheer quantity, the event encourages participants to focus on capturing the beauty and essence of each bird they encounter, fostering a deeper appreciation for their subjects and the artistry of photography itself.

This approach sets the event apart from others and aligns well with the goals of promoting conservation awareness and community building among wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. By showcasing the stunning birdlife of mainland Luzon through photography, the event highlights the region’s natural wonders and raises awareness about the importance of preserving these habitats for future generations.

Overall, the decision to host a bird photography competition in mainland Luzon during September is a commendable initiative that celebrates the founding of WBPP and contributes to the broader goals of conservation, community engagement, and artistic expression. It’s an opportunity for photographers to come together, share their passion for birds and photography, and contribute to the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve the natural heritage of the Philippines.

Also, including other wildlife and landscape categories is meant to attract more participants to nature photography.

Subic Bay Photomarathon 2024
Date: 30 Aug – 1 Sept 2024
Venue: Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Facebook: Subic Bay Photomarathon

Where is the Subic Bay Freeport Zone?


As more information will be available soon, we at Birdwatching Asia are quite excited to share this information with birders and bird photographers from all over the world. The inaugural Subic Bay Photomarathon 2024 is something to look forward to this Autumn.

Meanwhile, stay tuned, and please subscribe to our website. We will constantly update the information as we get it from the organisers. A complete detailed program and registration instructions will be on the agenda next.

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