Nepal Bird Fair

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Bird Fair Nepal

The second Nepal Bird Fair 2024 was held at Kawasoti in Nawalparasi,  East of Bardghat Susta and conducted by the Pokhara Bird Society on the 1st of February 2024. This bird festival is done to help the conservation of birds, develop bird tourism and their habitats, increase public awareness, and help local stakeholders earn a living.

Nepal Bird Fair 2024

The first Nepal Bird Fair was held in 2018 on a small scale, while the organisers upgraded the following year to have the official First Nepal Bird Festival 2019. However, due to COVID-19 in 2020, the event was forced to stop because of the worldwide pandemic.

This year, there were representatives of 39 organisations working in the field of biodiversity from India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Switzerland, America, Ireland, the UK, and other countries who participated in the bird festival here in Nepal.

A local press meet was conducted with various Nepali news portals where information was shared about this bird fair taking place at Kawasoti, East of Bardghat Susta, southwest of Kathmandu.

Nepal Bird Fair Kids
Kids at the fair are reading some bird books.

Activities at Nepal Bird Fair 2024

As with any other bird fair, quite a few activities were offered to visitors. They include;

  • Photo Exhibition
  • Bird Art Competition
  • Utsavma Bird Identification Training
  • Bird Watching Trail Packages
  • Paper Presentation
  • Photo Presentation
  • Bird Observation
  • Vulture Activity Observation
  • Jungle Safari
  • Folk Cultural Presentation
  • Bird Seminar
  • Panel Discussion
  • Miscellaneous Stall Exhibition
  • Conservation Award Distribution
  • Research Award Distribution
  • Free Health Camp
Nepal Bird Fair Organizations
The list of participating people at the bird fair.
Bird Festival in Nepal
Conservation Booth.
Nepal Globally Threatened Grassland Birds
A poster of the Globally Threatened Grassland Birds of Nepal.

Birds in Nepal

There are 894 species of birds in Nepal, while 565 species of birds are found around Narayani River in Nawalpur and Chitwan National Park. Out of that number, 42 species of birds from Nepal are considered rare worldwide, and 31 species of birds that are considered rare worldwide are found around the Narayani River and Chitwan National Park.

Where is Kawasoti?

Kawasoti is a municipality in Nawalpur District, Gandaki Province, Nepal. It is also about a six-hour drive from Kathmandu in the southwest direction. The Narayani River is located south of Kawasoti, while the Chitwan National Park is further south.

2024 Nepal Bird Fair
One of the presenters gave a talk during the Nepal Bird Fair 2024 press conference.

Organisers, Hosts and Supporters of the Nepal Bird Fair

  • The Nepal Bird Race received financial support from WWF, Himalayan Tail, Nature Nepal, Libird, other organisations, and the Gandaki State Government and Kawasoti Municipality.
  • The festival is coordinated by the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Department, the National Nature Conservation Fund and the Nepal Bird Conservation Association.
  • The festival’s co-hosts are Kawasoti’s Jatayu Restaurant Management Committee and the Bird Education Society.

Nepal Bird Fair 2024

  • Venue: Kawasoti, Nawalparasi, Nepal
  • Date: 9-11 February 2024
  • Organiser/Website: Pokhara Bird Society


As this is the second Nepal Bird Fair, I am just curious to know what else went on there, and hopefully, the organisers can send me additional information. Also, I hope the organisers will invite Birdwatching Asia for the 3rd Nepal Bird Fair 2025 so I can provide detailed documentation, photos and even videos of the event.

You can also see my other bird fairs and festivals worldwide, which I have written to be shared with everyone worldwide. If you are a bird fair or festival organiser, please get in touch with me for publication and awareness. You will most likely bump into my birdwatching website if you search for various bird fairs and festivals on Google.

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