Malay Bird Names – Nama Burung Malaysia

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Nama Burung Malaysia

Great news for the Malay birders in Malaysia as there is a dedicated website for Malay Bird Names or Nama Burung Malaysia, which you can now refer to.

Over the last ten years, there has been an increase in birdwatchers, namely bird photographers, and the Covid 19 pandemic multiplied the numbers creating even more birders.

With so many birders out there, it was only a matter of time before a list of Malay bird names was produced for the Malay speaking birders in Malaysia and the region.

Malay Bird Names – Nama Burung Malaysia

First and foremost, a huge thanks to Tou Jing Yi from the MNS Perak branch, the creator of this fantastic bird name site. For the record, Bird Watching Asia is only sharing the information here for the benefit of everyone who needs to know the Malay names of birds in Malaysia.

The website aims to be the primary reference for bird names in Malaysia that uses a new animal naming method that avoids confusion with other existing names and can be used safely. (* for species that are not native birds in the region; small font for species whose taxonomic placement is used by the list is other than Clements (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) with the list marked on the back.)

To know more about the Malay bird names, please visit Nama Burung Malaysia, as it is an excellent source of information.

Why Was This Malay Bird Name Website Created?

Tou Jing Yi has always been interested in birds and the local names in Malaysia. Yet, while the existing terminology was studied, many problems and confusion were found with the current terminology.

Some names may refer to more than one species and names that are less similar to the usage of local people, especially those who live in villages and know their local birds better than most urban people.

Confusion and inconsistency with their known naming is a significant obstacle for bird lovers to communicate effectively with the villagers in this regard. This naming method is carefully designed to be applied to all species of birds in the world and can be developed for other animals.

Cenuk Kerak
A Cenuk Kerak photographed at Perdik/Sungai Congkak.


If you have ever wanted to know the local Malay name for birds in Malaysia, I hope you can get the relevant information from the mentioned website as it is done very well.

It will also be handy mainly if you are birding out of the city near the local villages, and as you may know, many of the birds have their own local ‘kampung name’ or village name.

Therefore, look up the list of Malay Bird Names or Nama Burung Malaysia from the link given above and happy birding.

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