Java Sparrow Finch in Sabah by Alexander John

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Java Finch Sabah

Here is a photo of a Java Sparrow or Finch in Sabah, taken by Alexander John of Kota Kinabalu at one of the Paddy Fields. This beautiful small bird is also seen among hundreds of Chestnut and Scaly Breasted Munia like a thorn among the roses.

Sabah is home to over 600 birds on record and many of them being migratory throughout the year. The entire North Borneo portion is home to many of these birds, with many prime locations to spot them.

Java Sparrow Finch in Sabah

In this series of birds by bird watchers, we will feature the beautiful photographs taken by various bird watchers and bird photographers from around Malaysia. The photographer’s name will be highlighted in each of the bird photos here.

Alexander John is a local from Kota Kinabalu and has been birding for several years now. He is also one of the youngest bird watchers in Sabah who is very enthusiastic about birding. You will easily find him at any bird watching events around Sabah, namely the Borneo Bird Festival.

The Java Sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora) is also known by many other names like Java Rice Sparrow, Java Finch and Java Rice Bird and often spotted in rice fields or Paddy fields. Sadly, this is also a popular caged bird in Indonesia.


Thank you again, Alexander John from Kota Kinabalu, for this beautiful photo of the Java Sparrow. I hope you get many more beautiful photographs of other unique birds around Sabah. If you are on social media, you can also follow Alexander John on Instagram for more Sabah bird photos.

To see the Java Sparrow or Finch in Sabah, you can spot them at open grasslands but best around paddy fields as they love to feed on grain and seeds. The best times to spot them are also in the mornings or evenings, with sightings from after lunch to late afternoons.

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