FujiFilm X-S10 with XF 150-600mm Picture Sample

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Picture Review FujiFilm X-S10 with XF 150-600mm

It has been a while since I did a product review, and this time, I want to share my experience using a FujiFilm X-S10 with XF 150-600mm for this picture sample taken at the Mulu National Park in Sarawak.

Please take note that the main featured photo of the Green Broadbill is edited slightly for the title of this review article.

FujiFilm X-S10 with XF 150-600mm Picture Sample

As I have been using the FujiFilm X-S10 for about ten months, I have hardly had time to post an actual review of this camera system. Coming from an analogue to DSLR generation, it took me some time to get used to the technology.

On a recent trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Mulu National Park in Sarawak, I found some time to do birdwatching and bird photography when I was here, resulting in this test photo sample of the Green Broadbill.

Photo Sample Fujifilm X-S10 Birdwatching Birding
The original photo was just cropped for this article. There is not much difference in both images if you look carefully.

I mostly shoot on aperture and in rainforests; therefore, my ISO is always around 1000 and above. For this test shot on the FujiFilm X-S10, my setting was;

  • ISO8000
  • 1/110
  • f8
  • 600mm (in 35mm = 900mm)

The colour was vivid compared to my previous experiences with the DSLR units, and overall, a little more realistic. The focusing point was spot on, but it can be tricky if the bird starts to move around.

For this photo, I also handheld the FujiFilm X-S10, and the double IS (Image Stabilisation) from both body and lens made it super easy to control and get the shots without moving around much.

Malaysia FujiFilm XS10 Camera Review
The FujiFilm XS10 Camera with the XF 150-600mm lens, photo taken at Mulu National Park in Sarawak.

The last camera review I did was sometime back when the Nikon P900 first came out in 2015. I tested it a few days after I got it when it was officially launched in Malaysia. I managed to take that bridge camera for birdwatching in Jordan and Japan.

And in 2022, I also attended a Canon Camera Workshop in Malaysia, which was quite interesting, considering that they use photography ambassadors to conduct the workshop.


Overall, the lens works quite well, not as fast as I want it to be, but much quicker than my previous 150-600 on the DSLR. The FujiFilm X-S10 is lightweight and works like a charm, but I believe there can be more improvement in the focusing system.

If you are a beginner birder or bird photographer, I would recommend the X-S10 as a starter camera, mainly because it is lightweight and has the built-in body IS (Image Stabiliser), which pairs well with the XF 150-600mm, also with an IS.

So, two IS are on this setup, which pays off well when you do handheld shots. As for me, I love to walk around and sling my camera, and when I see a bird, it’s quick action to photograph it, not for display, but more for identification purposes.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the FujiFilm X-S10 with XF 150-600mm picture sample, and I would love to hear your opinions below. Again, t do simple reviews and tests for birding cameras in Malaysia.

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