Birdwatching at Sungai Rambai Paddy Fields

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Sungai Rambai Bird Watching

Located just by the Johor-Melaka border, you can do birdwatching at Sungai Rambai paddy fields as the area is massive and an unknown location for birding.

Judging from Google Maps, the paddy fields span around eight kilometres across, which is just an estimate of how big this place is.

Birdwatching at Sungai Rambai Paddy Fields

Sungai Rambai is a local Malay village that shares the state border with Johor and is not on the main highways. To access this place, you need to use Jalan Melaka or Highway 19 (Lebuh AMJ) to get here.

Once you get here, there are several smaller Kampung roads that you can explore, but keep in mind that you are entering a local village, and driving caution must be observed.

Birding Sungai Rambai
One of the common parks at Sungai Rambai.

If you take the Alor Gajah-Melaka-Jasin or AMJ Highway, look for the exit to the Sungai Rambai Airstrip or Jalan Tambak Merah (M112) and then look on the left and turn into Jalan Parit Penghulu (M121) or you can go further and turn into other roads leading into the paddy fields.

From Melaka city, it can take around 40 minutes to drive to Sungai Rambai, and this is by using the main Highway 19. Using the coastal road through  Merlimau will take you about 50 minutes to get here.

Once you are here, you can explore the many villages found around Sungai Rambai, namely Batu Gajah, Sebatau, Parit Putat, Parit Perawas, Parir Sialang, Parit Sidang Seman, Parit Gantong, Jalan Tambak Merah, Jalan Gafar and Parit Penghulu.

And when you are here, you can also explore the Sungai Rambai Recreational Park situated next to the Johor-Melaka border. You can find several food stalls, a lotus pond and rest stops around this park.

As for birdwatching at the Sungai Rambai Recreational Park, I am yet to visit this place, and when I do, I will surely put in a review here.

And the best time to visit the paddy fields is towards the end of the year when the paddy is green. However, anytime is also a great time to visit Sungai Rambai as there are also plantations, ponds and parks found around here.

Melaka Sungai Rambai
A beautiful view of a lake at Sungai Rambai in Melaka.

Birds at Sungai Rambai Paddy Fields

The list here is taken from several birding blogs from Malaysian bird watchers and photographers that have been to this location;

  1. Ashy Tailorbird
  2. Barn Swallow
  3. Baya Weaver
  4. Black-backed Swamphen
  5. Blue-tailed Bee-eater
  6. Black-naped Oriole
  7. Black-winged Kite
  8. Brahminy Kite
  9. Brown Shrike
  10. Cattle Egret
  11. Common Greenshank
  12. Common Myna
  13. Common Redshank
  14. Common Sandpiper
  15. Curlew Sandpiper
  16. Eastern Marsh-Harrier
  17. Eastern Yellow Wagtail
  18. Eurasian Moorhen
  19. Eurasian Tree Sparrow
  20. Greater Painted-Snipe
  21. Grey-headed Swamphen
  22. Golden-bellied Gerygone
  23. House Crow
  24. Intermediate Egret
  25. Javan Myna
  26. Large-billed Crow
  27. Lesser Adjutant
  28. Lesser Coucal
  29. Lesser Whistling-Ducks
  30. Lesser Sand-Plover
  31. Little Egret
  32. Little Ringed Plover
  33. Long-toed Stint
  34. Olive-backed Sunbird
  35. Oriental Pratincole
  36. Pink-necked Green-Pigeon
  37. Red-wattled Lapwing
  38. Wood Sandpiper
  39. Pacific Golden Plovers
  40. Paddyfield Pipit
  41. Painted Stork
  42. Pied Harrier
  43. Purple Heron
  44. Rock Pigeon
  45. Savanna Nightjar
  46. Scaly-breasted Munia
  47. Slaty-breasted Rail.
  48. Spotted Dove
  49. Striated Heron
  50. White-breasted Waterhen
  51. White-browed Crake
  52. White-headed Munia
  53. White-throated Kingfisher
  54. Yellow-vented Bulbul
  55. Yellow-bellied Prinia
  56. Zebra Dove
  57. Zitting Cisticola


Sungai Rambai Birding Melaka
A Black Shouldered Kite photographed by John and Maggie Turner.


Lately, I have been doing some birdwatching in Melaka and visited several locations like the Batang Tiga Paddy Fields and several coastal locations. But time does not permit me to be here every week; therefore, I will update as I can.

Melaka is relatively unexplored in birdwatching, and there are several locations where this can be done. However, most visitors come here due to the historical popularity of the food and culture.

Things are changing, and hopefully, with this article on birdwatching at Sungai Rambai Paddy Fields, there will be more interest in this hobby, with more birders headed here.

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