White-throated Kingfisher at Batang Tiga Melaka

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White-throated Kingfisher Melaka

The White-throated Kingfisher is one of the most common birds spotted all over Peninsular Malaysia and is one of the residents at rice paddy fields too.

During a birding trip to Melaka in January 2022, I was happy to see that the bird was sighted several times in under a couple of hours spent at the rice fields of BatangĀ  Tiga.

White-throated Kingfisher at Batang Tiga, Melaka

While they are generally seen around water areas, paddy fields are no exception as when you look up at electric cables, they are usually perched there.

Often, in the main city areas, you are also able to spot them perched on wires or cables, usually near drains or water catchments. They are also not hard to identify, due to the striking colours.

In the main kampung areas, they are also easily spotted, by the drainage, small streams or rivers. And also around small ponds or lake areas.

For photography, they are usually still so it is easy to photograph them, but from a distance. They are relatively shy birds and if approached, they will fly off.

White-throated Kingfisher Video


This video was taken randomly when I was birding at the Batang Tiga paddy fields in Melaka. This was my second time visiting Melaka for birds and I will continue to explore when I have more time.

If you enjoyed this simple and quick video of the White-throated Kingfisher at Batang Tiga, Melaka, please view and also subscribe to my YouTube channel as I have many other bird videos there and more to come.

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