Puncak Inn Bungalow Review

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Review Puncak Inn Budget Hotel Lodge Fraser's Hill

If you plan to visit Fraser’s Hill and are wondering what accommodations are available, here is my Puncak Inn bungalow review, also known as the Abu Suradi Bungalow or Tioman Bungalow.

Puncak Inn is a simple and convenient budget hotel, apartment and bungalow in Fraser’s Hill. It’s relatively simple, easy to access within the main town area, and suitable for those on a budget.

Puncak Inn Bungalow Review

I had stayed here a couple of times when I visited Fraser’s Hill or Bukit Fraser during the international bird race, which takes place mid-year. And most of the time, I use the hotel to rest because I’m out the entire day birdwatching.

So, this review of Puncak Inn is based on the bungalow I stayed at, called the Abu Suradi Bungalow, which is just up the road from the main town centre. You should know that Puncak Inn operates a budget hotel, a small lodge, and several apartments around Fraser’s Hill.

The bungalow is basic, so do not expect anything from the ordinary. As I mentioned, it’s a decent place to have a good night’s sleep, and that’s it. If you want something more luxurious, please consider the Shazan Inn or other apartments throughout the hill station.

Let’s get straight to the review, and below are random photos of the bungalow room.

Review of Puncak Inn Lodge Hotel
The Abu Suradi Bungalow unit, with the door open.
Room Photo Puncak Inn Lodge Hotel
General wide-angle of the simple lodge room.
Lodge Hotel Room Bed Puncak Inn Fraser's Hill
The double bed at the lodge, at least they use thick mattresses
Bathroom Shower at Puncak Inn Lodge
The simple shower in the bathroom of the lodge.
Toilet photo Puncak Inn Fraser's Hill
The sitting type of toilet available at the lodge.
Bathroom Puncak Inn Budget Hotel
The lodge’s sink area, but the mirror is ruined; hopefully, they have changed it.
Picture of Puncak Inn Bathroom Shower
The simple shower system at the lodge.
Fraser's Hill Puncak Inn Hotel and Lodge
The event hall or building of the Abu Suradi Bungalow.

Location of Puncak Inn Bungalow


The location of this lodge unit is further up from the main Puncak Inn at the town clock tower. You can drive up about one kilometre to the lodge, and there is parking available outside; otherwise, you can park by the mosque next to the lodge.

It is also conveniently located just next to the Fraser’s Hill Mosque or Masjid Bukit Fraser (Sultan Mahmud) and also a local Malay warung called Kedai Makanan Hamzah. There is also ample parking in the bungalow area.

On top of that, the location is also relevantly close to the main Fraser’s Hill food court, where you can find several restaurants, cafes and stalls selling Malay, Indian and Western cuisine, not forgetting the lifestyle cafe which serves some great coffee and cakes.

Sultan Mahmud Mosque Fraser's Hill
The Fraser’;s Hill Mosque known as Masjid Sultan Mahmud.


As mentioned, it’s simple, cosy and non-airconditioned because the temperature drops at night and can get freezing. Don’t expect 3-star amenities as there are none; you need to bring your own.

They only provide towels and a really small bar of soap; therefore, I suggest you bring your shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitiser or towels if you are sensitive about sleeping outside. This would be the best option.

There is no room service or anything fancy here as it is a budget lodge. There is a small Malay restaurant outside the mosque where you can get nasi lemak, toast and coffee for breakfast. Otherwise, several stalls at the food centre further up the road may interest you.

The door lock is basic, so don’t stash your gold bars in the room; just kidding, don’t keep anything valuable in your room. If you drive, you can store them in your car.

Halal Food Restaurant Bukit Fraser
One of the Halal food restaurants near the lodge.


Anyone interested in staying here or any other lodgings can search for the Puncak Inn website and book directly through them. It is also best to call them to make your reservation.

I hope this Puncak Inn bungalow review has given you some idea of what the accommodation looks like and that you now have options to consider if you plan to visit Fraser’s Hill. This location is well known for being the oldest bird race in Malaysia.

Again, as I mentioned earlier, if you seek better accommodations, you can also consider Shazan Inn, The Pines, Silverpark Resort, some other apartment units or even private bungalows. There is also the famous Fraser’s Hill Smokehouse, which offers accommodations with an old English theme.

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