Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest 2023

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Kenyir Bird Quest 2023

After two years of Covid-19 lockdowns, the Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest 2023 is back again, and this time, a maximum of 70 entries are accepted for this nature event at Kenyir Lake in Terengganu.

Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest 2023

The nature event has been done yearly since 2013 and only took a two-year break because of the Covid-19 pandemic when all events were cancelled. This year’s event marks the 9th time it is being held here at Tasik Kenyir in Terengganu. I also covered the 4th Kenyir Bird & Nature Quest in 2016.

It is a full nature-based event held over two days with activities like lectures, workshops, bird watching, tracking elephants and jungle trekking. The Kenyir Bird & Nature Quest will offer participants a more profound experience, raising awareness of Terengganu’s environmental heritage.


Kenyir Lake Bird Watching
Birdwatchers at Kenyir Lake.


Talks are mostly held outdoors, provided the weather is good, and every year, different speakers are invited to share their expertise on various nature and conservation subjects.

The bird count takes place twice a day, in the morning and evening, in the vicinity of Kenyir Lake. After lunch, a VIP will attend to officiate the event held at the Tourist Information Centre or TIC Kenyir Pengkalan Gawi.

Overall, this low-key nature-related event attracts nature lovers and bird watchers to the state of Terengganu. Many participants may stay on or arrive early to explore the area.

Bird Count Kenyir Terengganu
One of the outdoor talks at Kenyir.


Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest Program

Day 1: 10 March 2023 (Friday)

0700 am – 1100 am: Bird count at Kenyir Hornbill Valley

1500 pm: Registration of participants at TIC Kenyir Pengkalan Gawi, Kenyir

1530 pm: Arrival of VIP – The opening ceremony and greeting by invited VIP – Tea time and press conference

1600 pm – 1700 pm: Talk: Hornbills, Endangered Farmers of the Forest

1700 pm – 1800 pm: Tea time

1800 pm – 1930 pm: Bird Watching activity & Bird Count

Day 2: 11 March 2020 (Saturday)

0900am : Meet at Pengkalan Gawi Jetty

0930am : Depart to Sungai Berua

1030pm: Jungle Trekking, Discover Rafflesia Flowers & Visit Orang Asli Village

1300pm: Lunch

1530pm : Transfer back to Pengkalan Gawi


Kenyir Lake Bird Watching
A Oriental Pied Hornbill at Kenyir Lake.


Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest Price

  • Commitment Fee: RM 50.00 (Student) RM 80.00 (Public)
  • Participation is limited. Open to 70 entries only.
  • Includes: 1 Refreshment, 1 lunch, 1 tea time

Bookings can be made to;

  • Account Name: Ping Anchorage Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.
  • Account number: 3063155209
  • Name of Bank: Public Bank Berhad
  • WhatsApp Receipt/Bank in slip to 019-2215341 (Please include name in payment)
  • Cancellation Policy: All payments made will be non-refundable
  • Early Participation is strongly encouraged. Any entries after the closing date will not be entertained.

Sign Up Here for Kenyir Bird & Nature Quest 2023.

Contact: Ping Anchorage
Tel: + 609-626 2020


Tasik Kenyir Bird Watching
A participant looking at birds.


2023 Kenyir Bird Nature Quest
The 2023 Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest.


Conclusion to Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest 2023

The last Kenyir Bird Count event was held at the end of March 2022. This was just after Malaysia gradually started to open up, but people were still cautious about attending events.

Hopefully, there will be more participants this year besides the academic people who consistently attend. And as usual, there was no contact with Birdwatching Asia from the organisers about this event, even though I have been promoting this event for many years.

Maybe one day, the organisers of Kenyir Bird and Nature Count will understand the importance of niche news portals that focus on just birding that reach out to people who are interested in birdwatching and nature.

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