Fraser’s Hill Bird Race 2019 Results

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Fraser's Hill Bird Race 2019 Results

After successfully running the 32nd Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2019, the winners were announced on the 23rd of June at around 4.00 PM. This event was held at the main town centre just by the Fraser’s Hill clock tower.

While the announcement was made for the winners, the weather suddenly changed and rained. Though participants and visitors ran for cover, the announcement continued.

Well, Malaysia is a tropical country, and often, it can rain unexpectedly; hence it is always wise to be prepared when you are bird watching here.

Fraser’s Hill Bird Race 2019 Team Information

In total, 96 teams took part in this year’s international bird race. It was also held from 22nd to 23rd June in the Fraser’s Hill vicinity.

Fraser's Hill Bird Race Grand Prize
The Champion Trophy for the Fraser’s Hill Bird Race.

Participants were broken into various categories with international teams, local teams and student teams. They are;

  • International: 15 teams
  • Domestic: 30 teams
  • Students: 51 Teams

The bird race was also broken up into various categories, which were;

  • Advance Category
  • Novice Category
  • Student Category

Fraser’s Hill Bird Race 2019 Results

Below is a list of the winners for the 32nd Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race in all categories. Bird Watching Asia would also like to congratulate the Sabah team for taking the overall grand prize. Well done, team Sabah!

Winners of Fraser's Hill Bird Race 2019
Sabah Team Flycatchers the champions of the Fraser’s Hill Bird Race 2019.

Advance Category Winners 

  • Champion 2019 – Team Flycatchers – 79 species (Sabah, Malaysia)
  • 2nd Place – Team Falcon – 71 species (Cambodia)
  • 3rd  Place – Team Taman Negara Flycatcher – 61 species (Pahang, Malaysia)
  • 4th Place – Team Whitehead’s Broadbill – 59 species
  • 5th Place – Team Oriental Magpie Robin’s Friend – 56 species
  • 6th Place – Team Monarch 3 – 55 species
  • 7th Place – Team Bornean Bristlehead – 55 Species (Sabah, Malaysia)

Novice Category Winners

  • Champion 2019 – Team Burung Pungguk – 47 species
  • 2nd Place – Team Wings of Johor – 46 species
  • 3rd Place – Team KKB Raptor – 45 species
  • 4th Place – Team TNYB Eyes Bird – 35 species
  • 5th Place – Team Paradise Flycatcher – 32 species
  • 6th Place – Team WINX – 28 species
  • 7th Place – Team TNYB King Bird – 28 species
Winners of Fraser's Hill Bird Race 2019 Students
The 2nd place winners for the student category.

Student Category Winners 

  • Champion 2019 – Team SK Bukit Fraser – 53 species
  • 2nd Place – Team The King of Kang Kung (SMK Mahmud Raub) – 37 species
  • 3rd  Place – Team SJKT Ladang Teluk Buloh Hutan Melintang, Perak – 34 species
  • 4th Place – Team Angry Birds – 30 species
  • 5th Place – Team Hero of the Birds (SK Bukit Kuantan, Pahang) – 26 species
  • 6th Place – Team Lion (SK Bukit Fraser) – 26 species
  • 7th Place – Team Silver-eared Mesia – 26 species
Fraser's Hill Bird Watching 2020
One of the local favourite birds in Fraser’s Hill, the Silver-eared Mesia.

Fraser’s Hill Bird Photography Contest 2019 Winners

  • Champion 2019 – Mr Ng Choy Loi – Streaked Spider Hunter
  • 2nd Place – Mr Jamil Mat Isa – Sultan Tit
  • 3rd Place – Ms Wee Gek Sim – Mountain Tailorbird
  • 4th Place – Mr Francis Ham – Orange Bellied Leafbird
  • 5th Place – Mr Hafiz Ikhlas – Mountain Imperial Pigeon
Bird Race Fraser's Hill 2019
One of the local Fraser’s Hill birds spotted.

International Bird Race Teams 

This year Fraser’s Hill Bird Race saw 12 countries participating, which is the highest number of international participants to date. The countries that took part are;

  1. Singapore
  2. Thailand
  3. Myanmar
  4. The Philippines
  5. Vietnam
  6. Cambodia
  7. Taiwan
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. New Zealand
  11. United Kingdom
  12. Costa Rica
2019 Fraser's Hill International Bird Race
The closing ceremony during the 2019 Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race.

Arbitrators for the 32nd Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2019

The arbitrators this year included five prominent people from the birding industry of Malaysia. They are;

  1. Mr Allen Jeyarajasingam (Head Arbitrator)
  2. Mr Henry Goh (Vice Chairman, SE Asian Region – BirdLife International Asia Council)
  3. Mr Kanda Kumar
  4. Mr. Sanadurai Katar Singh (Durai)
  5. Mr Zulkifli Razak
Some of the memento to be given out to the international teams.

Sponsors for the Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2019

As every year, there are various sponsors for the bird race here, and for the 32nd bird race, the sponsors are;

  1. Omicron
  2. Minox
  3. Manfrotto
  4. Zeiss
  5. Swarovski Optics
  6. Boh Plantations
  7. Zoo Melaka
  8. Danz Travel & Adventure
  9. Skylum USA
Fraser's Hill International Bird Race
Bird watchers during the Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race 2019.


As this has been a whopping 32 years that the bird race has been held here, it also set a record for the number of teams that took part. 96 teams took part, comprising of international, domestic and students, which is the new record for the Fraser’s Hill Bird Race.

With the success of this years race, the organisers are hoping that for the Fraser’s Hill Bird Race 2020, the number of teams will surpass the 100 marks. Finally, I have to say that this year the weather was not really in favour of many of the birders, but again it was all good birding fun.

And most importantly, birders, photographers and visitors, including myself, had a great time exploring Fraser’s Hill, and for me, it was a pleasure meeting and talking to the participants. I hope to see you all next year for the 33rd Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race.

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