Bird Watching at Kuching Ash Pond

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Kuching Ash Pond Bird Watching

If you are heading to the city of Kuching in Sarawak, you may want to experience some bird watching at the Kuching Ash Pond at the Sejingkat Power Station.

It is here that you will be able to spot several shorebirds of Sarawak, which congregate from time to time at any of the three ash ponds around here.

The Ash Ponds of Kuching is one of two popular birding sites where the other is known as the Bako-Buntal Bay area and both being quite near to each other.

Bird Watching at Kuching Ash Pond

Ash Pond Bird Watching Kuching
Bird watchers at the ash pond.

It was my first time visiting the Sejingkat Ash Ponds to see the shorebirds, and the journey was a relatively short one from the city of Kuching. It only took about half an hour to drive here.

The ash pond actually belongs to the Sejingkat Power Station, and when you come here, you need to go through their land, which of course, is private property. But the management of the power station knows that birders come here to observe and photograph the shorebirds.

However, local birders move in and out freely; hence I would recommend visiting this place with one of them as you will need to know the exact ash pond and how to get in.

For me, it was ‘Lifer’ day as it was my first time here, and I spotted at least 8 Lifers in one viewing through a digiscope.

Shorebirds of Kuching Ash Pond
A panoramic view of the shorebirds here.

How Many Birds Can Be Spotted at the Ash Pond in Kuching?

The obvious birds to spot here would be the shorebirds or water birds, and if you are lucky, you can easily spot at least 24 species of shorebirds.

Because the ash ponds are located near a mangrove area, you have the opportunity to spot some other birds as well. In total, you can spot up to 37 species of birds around the Sejingkat Ash Pond.

Kuching Ash Pond
Some of the shorebirds that are seen at the ash pond here.

List of Shorebirds Sighted at Kuching Ash Pond

  1. Little Ringed Plover
  2. Black-bellied Plover
  3. Greater Sand-Plover
  4. Lesser Sand-Plover
  5. Kentish Plover
  6. Far Eastern Curlew
  7. Eurasian Curlew
  8. Common Sandpiper
  9. Curlew Sandpiper
  10. Marsh Sandpiper
  11. Terek Sandpiper
  12. Wood Sandpiper
  13. Great Egret
  14. Intermediate Egret
  15. Little Egret
  16. Striated Heron
  17. Long-toed Stint
  18. Red-necked Stint
  19. Asian Dowitcher
  20. Common Greenshank
  21. Nordmann’s Greenshank
  22. Common Redshank
  23. Great Knot
  24. Red Knot
  25. Bar-tailed Godwit
  26. Black-tailed Godwit
Sejingkat Power Station Ash Pond Map
Map to the Ash Pond at Sejingkat Power Station.

Where is the Kuching Ash Pond?

The Ash Pond is located at the Sejingkar Power Station, which is about 30 minutes drive from Kuching city. In total, there are three ash ponds outside the power station, and the shorebirds move from one to another.

To get here, you need to get to Highway 1002, which is Jalan Bako and then turn right into Jalan Kampung Goebilt. After a short drive, make a left at Lorong Kampung  Goebilt. There should be some signage for Sejingkat Power Station.

There is a turn off to the left before the power station, and you need to take that road that passes the power station and towards the ash ponds.

Ash Pond Bird Watching Location
The location of the ash ponds at the Sejingkat Power Station in Kuching.

How to Go to Sejingkat Ash Pond?

The best way is to self-drive there, and you can do so by following any of the bird watchers from Kuching as they would know exactly how to get there and where to stop.

If you go by yourself, you need to know which ash pond to visit as there are two or three of them around the Sejingkat Power Station here.

Ash Pond Sejingkat Power Station
A beautiful sunset to end the day at the ash pond.


Overall, I spend a good three hours over here just observing all the shorebirds gathered in the centre of the pond. A bonus was a beautiful and simple sunset where the sky changed.

For anyone who wants to do some bird watching at Kuching Ash Pond, be sure to get the relevant contacts for this as they know the best time to visit. For me, I should be paying this place another visit when I go back to Kuching, Sarawak.

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