Pulau Bangau Perak Birdwatching

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Bird Watching at Pulau Bangau Perak

Known as Stork Island in Perak, Pulau Bangau is one of the new birdwatching sites in Perak, which has seen growth in visits for birding and bird photography from local Malaysians in the last few years. Some locals even call this place Flamingo Island, even though none are found there.

Pulau Bangau Perak Birdwatching

Pulau Bangau, or Stork Island, is a six-hectare islet located in Sungai Perak and is home to about ten species of shorebirds and other birds. A recent news report also mentioned that this place is home to more than 30,000 birds of various species.

It is known that some of the bird species are migratory birds from India and Thailand, which use the island for breeding. The best time to see the birds here is from October to March, which is the migratory period for these birds.

While here, you also have the opportunity to see other common birds that live around the river and mangrove areas, like raptors, kingfishers and other smaller birds.

Bird Watching at Teluk Intan Perak.
There are a lot of Egret species to be seen here.

What Birds Can Be Seen At Pulau Bangau?

According to recent reports, a lot of shorebirds have been identified at Pulau Bangau, and some of them include;

  • Bangau Besar – Great Egret
  • Bangau Batu – Pacific reef-egret
  • Bangau Bakau – Great-billed Heron
  • Bangau Cina – Chinese Egret
  • Bangau Kecil – Little Egret
  • Bangau Kendi – Medium Egret
  • Bangau Kerbau – Cattle Egret
  • Bangau Paya – Purple Heron
Perak Stork Island
An Egret takes off from one of the trees on the island.

Where is Pulau Bangau?

The location of Pulau Bangau, or Stork Island, is located along the Perak Rive at Teluk Intan. Below is a Google Maps of the location, and you can click on it for directions to get here.


For those interested in visiting Pulau Bangau in Perak for Birdwatching, you can stop at the Teluk Intan River Cruise and ask them to hire a boat to visit Stork Island. Prices may vary among boat operators, and they usually charge per boat and by the hour. I have yet to visit this place, and I plan to do so one of these days.

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