Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019

Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019

Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019

Apparently there is the Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019 which is scheduled to place at the end of the year in Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia.

This bird watching event is also being organised by Bird Life International, Malaysia Nature Society and also LADA or the Langkawi Development Authority.

I was really shocked to hear the news, especially coming from someone else besides the organizers, but the truth be told, people do not really recognize bird watching sites like this.

*Update October 2019 – The Langkawi International Bird Fest is not taking place and has been cancelled.

Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019

Much to my surprise, this information was obtained through one of my friends nothing that Bird Life International had already confirmed this event with LADA.

However, as of writing this article, there has been no official news or announcement about this event. However, the logo for the Langkawi International Bird Fest is already out.

This is the first time the event is being held even though Langkawi once hosted the Asian Bird Fair in 2017, which was at the Langkawi Expo Hall.

Panorama Langkawi
View of the cable car station at Panorama Langkawi. Photo Wikipedia.

Where is the Langkawi International Bird Fest being held?

This event will be held at Panorama Langkawi, the same place where you will find the Langkawi Cable Car and Oriental Village.

I have a feeling the event will be held at the mid station or the top station of Panorama Langkawi as the weather is much more cooling there.

But I will confirm this here once I get more information about the exact location for the bird event.

When is the Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019?

The bird festival will take place on the 16th and 17th of November 2019. As for the time of the event, no news has been announced but I assume it will begin at 7.00 AM till about 5.00 PM.

Once I get more information, I will update it here so please do come back and check the updates.

Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019 Map
The map of Langkawi showing where Panorama Langkawi is located.

How to go to the Langkawi International Bird Fest?

The location of this event is at Panorama Langkawi, on the western side of the main island and about 30 minutes drive from Kuah Town.

Panorama Langkawi doubles as the main entrance to the Langkawi Cable Car and Langkawi Curved Sky Bridge, and also Panorama Village.

From the Langkawi International Airport, it is only a 10 minute drive to the location and from Pantai Cenang, it will take you about 15 minutes.

Langkawi is quite a lovely and laid-back island with good road infrastructure therefore you can easily rent a car and self-drive around the island. Car rentals start from RM80 and above, depending on the type of car you rent.

There is also taxi service and ride-hailing service by Grab. You can also engage a chaffuer to drive you around if your budget permits.

Langkawi Birds
Some of the birds that are spotted in Langkawi. Photo Naturally Langkawi.

Recommended Places To Stay for the Langkawi Bird Fest

Depending on your budget, there are many options for accommodations which range from Air Bnb, guest houses, hotels and even resorts.

The closest accommodations to the venue are;

*The links in each of the hotels above take you directly to the website for the best rates and for your convenience.

There are other hotels and resorts that are located around the Pantai Cenang and Pantai Kok areas, where you need some form of transportation to move around.

Contact Information for Langkawi Bird Fest:

Tourism Division
Level 5 LADA Complex
PO Box 60, Kuah
Langkawi Kedah, Malaysia
Phone: +604 960 0600

Birds of Langkawi
More birds of Langkawi. Photo Naturally Langkawi.


If you are heading to Langkawi Island during the mid of November, do look out for the Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019 which takes place at Panorama Langkawi.

And if you are a bird watcher, photographer or naturalist, do keep an eye out for this event as you will need to pre-book your flights and accommodations.

As an independant writer for bird watching in Malaysia, you can find out more information about me.  Also, if and when I get more solid information about this bird festival in Langkawi, I will update it here.

Update Oct 2019 – The Langkawi International Bird Fest 2019 has been cancelled and not taking place. Please take note on this.

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