Kenyir Bird & Nature Quest 2024

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Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest

The Kenyir Bird & Nature Quest 2024 is back and will be held from 2 to 3 August at Tasik Kenyir in Terengganu. This yearly birding event focuses on several activities, ranging from nature to conservation.

This is also the 10th year that the Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest is being organised here, a joint program between the state government and various departments, universities and the private sector.

Kenyir Bird & Nature Quest 2024

This year, 70 birdwatchers and researchers will participate in this unique event at Pengkalan Gawi in the Terengganu part of Lake Kenyir. The birding program here also focuses on the conservation potential of flora and fauna, especially the hornbills that are easy to see around Lake Kenyir.

This year, there will be multiple activities, including a bird count, talks, and birdwatching around the Lake Kenyir area, and it will only be open to a maximum of 70 registered participants. Moreover, the program will be similar to the previous Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest 2023.

There are also around 296 different bird species, including nine hornbills and resident and migratory birds, found around Tasik Kenyir. The nine hornbill species that can be found at Tasik Kenyir are;

  1. Black Hornbill
  2. Bushy-crested Hornbill
  3. Great Hornbill
  4. Helmeted Hornbill
  5. Oriental Pied Hornbill
  6. Rhinocerous Hornbill
  7. White-crowned Hornbill
  8. Wreathed Hornbill
  9. Wrinkled Hornbill
Tasik Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest 2024
Anuar McAfee is showing participants a bird. He is also a member of the Terengganu MNS committee and a lecturer at Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin.

Kenyir Bird & Nature Quest 2024 Program

Day 1: Friday 2 August
  • 07.00 – 10.00 AM: Bird Count Activity at Tasik Kenyir Valley
  • 03.00 PM: Participant registration at TIC Pengkalan Gawi (Tourist Information Centre)
  • 03.30 PM: VIP arrival
  • 03.40 PM: The opening ceremony and speech by invited VIP
  • 04.00 PM: Talk on Hornbills, endangered ‘Farmers of the Forest’
  • 05.00 PM: Tea time
  • 06.00 PM: Birdwatching and bird count activities at Hentian Cengal and Hornbill Valley
Day 2: Saturday 3 August
  • 09.30 AM: Gather at Sekolah Keb Sungai Berua, Hulu Terengganu
  • 09.45 AM: Depart to Berua River (Sungai Berua)
  • 10.00 AM: Jungle Trekking
  • 11.45 AM: Visit an Indigenous Orang Asli Village
  • 01.00 PM: Lunch
  • 03.30 PM: Depart back to Pangkalan Gawi

Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest Information

  • Date: 2-3 August
  • Day: Friday & Saturday
  • Venue: Pengkalan Gawi, Tasik Kenyir
  • Registration Fee: Students – RM50, Public – RM80
  • Registration: Register Link
Location Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest
The Google Map location for the event.

Where to Stay Around Lake Kenyir

Several homestays, motels, and basic resorts are located around the main Tasik Kenyir area. They are simple and provide decent accommodation for those planning to attend this event here.

Participants can contact the accommodations listed below through the Google Business pages in each of the links and make their booking. The main areas where the event takes place are Sungai Gawi Kenyir and Kampung Basun.

  1. D’Tasek Motel, Kg Basung
  2. Hotel Ketengah Tasik Kenyir
  3. Kenyir Eco Resort
  4. Kenyir Motel, Kampung Basung
  5. Sri Rimba Kenyir Roomstay, Kampung Basun


The Kenyir Bird and Nature Quest (KBNQ) is a program jointly organised by the State Government through the Terengganu State Tourism Department in collaboration with the Central Terengganu Development Authority (KETENGAH), Sultan Zainal Abidin University (UNISZA) and Ping Anchorage Travel & Tours.

This is also the 10th year that the Tasik Kenyir birding event is taking place here in Terengganu. It is the only birding event in this part of East Coast Malaysia at the moment. Check out our article on birdwatching events in Malaysia for other similar activities.

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