Birdwatching at Parit Penghulu Paddy Fields

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Parit Penghulu Bird Watching Melaka

In Melaka, birdwatching at Parit Penghulu paddy fields is not that popular due to the distance from the city area, but locals or those around that part will usually come here to do birding.

Sungai Rambai is located in the eastern part of Melaka that borders Johor and Muar, and it takes about 40 minutes to drive from Melaka city. It is easily visited using the Lebuh AMJ or AMJ Highway.

Birdwatching at Parit Penghulu Paddy Fields

Sungai Rambai is a vast area, and because few go birding there, it is often just passed off as a Sungai Rambai birdwatching spot. However, to be more precise, the location should be called the Parit Penghulu birdwatching site.

Malaysia Purple Heron
A Purple Heron waits for its prey at the paddy fields.

Parit Penghulu is a kampung (village) where most of the paddy fields from Sungai Rambai are found here. It is also an agricultural area with other plantations like palm oil, rubber trees and several fruiting trees.

When you get here, you need to locate a specific place to park your car and start birding. When I visited on 18 Nov 2022, I searched for Warung D’Bendang and headed there. Once I got here, there is an intersection with an area where you could park your car. A Maximum of 2 to 3 cars can park without blocking the road.

Once you park there, move around on foot, and you can explore the smaller paddy field roads around this area. There is also a marsh pond where you park, attracting several smaller birds like Baya Weavers and Munias and waterbirds like the Grey-headed Swamphen.

Birding at Parit Penghulu, Jalan Parit Gaduh
Jalan Parit Gaduh is one of the main roads at Parit Penghulu in Sungai Rambai.
Birding at Parit Penghulu
Parit Penghulu is a nice and quiet paddy field area of Sungai Rambai.
Bird Watching Parit Penghulu
The beautiful paddy fields here.
Birdwatching Sungai Rambai Melaka
One of the signs was set up by the Paddy Fields of Sungai Rambai.

Along the paddy fields, you can spot larger waterbirds like egrets, herons, bee-eaters, shrikes, kingfishers and even the lesser adjutant. Again, to see the full effect of the migratory birds, you must visit from October to March.

Overall, I spent about 2-3 hours here from 7.30 AM till about 10.30 AM and returned to Melaka. Once it reaches lunchtime, the sun can get really hot, and it is not recommended to be birding under the hot sun.

Sungai Rambai Bird Photos

Below are random bird photos taken at Parit Penghulu, Sungai Rambai, in Melaka.

Melaka Brown Shrike Bird
A Brown Shrike photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
Malaysia Grey-headed Swamphen
Grey-headed Swamphens are commonly sighted in the wetlands here.
Malaysia Lesser Adjutant Stork
One of the many Lesser Adjutant Storks seen at the Paddy Fields of Parit Penghulu.
Malaysia Olive-backed Sunbird
An Olive-backed Sunbird on a coconut palm.
Malaysia White-breasted Moorhen
White-breasted Moorhen runs the minute they see humans.

Best Time to Visit Parit Penghulu Sungai Rambai for Bird Watching

The best time is during the winter migratory season from October till March, as there would be more birds to spot here. Other times, you will see the common birds which frequent the paddy field areas around Parit Penghulu.

Sungai Rambai Directions from KL
Google Maps shows it takes about 2 hours to drive to Sungai Rambai in Melaka from KL.

Sungai Rambai Birdwatching Location

Below are two sites which are easy to locate using Waze or Google Maps for those driving. If you don’t drive, I recommend you rent a car for a day and head here as it is logistically easier. A ride-hailing service or taxi will cost too much.

  • Parit Penghulu Birdwatching Spot Coordinates: 2.1664667,102.504952
  • Warung D’Bendang: Jalan PT Terus, 77400 Sungai Rambai, Malacca 

    Warung D'Bendang Parit Penghulu Sungai Rambai
    The abandoned Warung D’Bendang at Parit Penghulu.


If your timing is flexible and you have time to spare, then I would recommend you can do some birdwatching at Parit Penghulu paddy fields. But if you are short on time or have just a few hours in the morning, I recommend birdwatching at Batang Tiga paddy fields, which is only 15 minutes from Melaka city.

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