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Sarawak Birds

For those who are interested, there is a Birds of Sarawak Facebook group, which has been set up by us at Birdwatching Asia to focus on birdwatching and bird photography in Malaysia’s largest state.

This Facebook bird group will also serve as a purpost to let people know that Sarawak is also home to quite a number of species of birds that are spread throughout the state.

Birds of Sarawak

Sarawak has been one of the lesser visited places for birdwatching due to its logistics, but over the years, more birders have been heading over to explore some of the beautiful birding locations.

As Malaysia’s largest state, Sarawak is home to over 530 species of birds, as Borneo itself has an astonishing 688 bird species spread through the third largest island in the world.

Sarawak Scarlet-rumped Trogon
A Scarlet-rumped Trogon seen at Lambir Hills National Park in Sarawak.

Birdwatching and bird photography have also grown tremendously since the Covid-19 lockdowns, where thousands of new birders and photographers have suddenly found a new hobby. This is not only here in Malaysia but a worldwide phenomenon.

Therefore, with the sudden burst of local and international birders, there has been a demand for birding locations around Malaysia since the country reopened its borders fully.

Birdwatching Asia had previously done an article about birdwatching locations in Sarawak, highlighting the many locations one can visit. However, in 2023, we will be doing a detailed article sharing more information.

And if you did not know, Sarawak is also home to two of the Bornean endemics which can only be seen there, which is the rare Dulit Frogmouth and the Black Oriole, two star birds that many birders and photographers are after.

And the very special and unique Borneo Bristlehead has also been sighted in several places around Sarawak. So, who knows, when you are exploring the national parks, you may even encounter this sought-after star bird of Borneo.

How many bird species are there in Sarawak?

While there has not been any official number published in recent years, but a publication from the Sarawak Forestry Department stated that there are about 185 mammal species, 530 bird species, 166 snake species, 104 lizard species and 113 amphibian species found in Sarawak.

And from AviBase, it is stated that there are 592 bird species in Sarawak when checked in July 2023, which is quite a healthy number considering how large the state is.

So, the unofficial number of bird species in Sarawak is 592, until someone does an offical count or publication for this.

Bird Island Sarawak
Pulau Burung, off Santubong in Sarawak.

Birds of Sarawak Facebook Group

This Sarawak birding group is purely for anyone to post photos of birds taken around Sarawak, or to ask questions about possible birding locations and so on. The group is flexible and easygoing, so please respect the groups rules and ethics.

The group will not tolorate people who come in an spam bird tours, sell products or post non-related postings. If we find anyone doing that, we will remove and ban that person from the group.

You are allowed to post;

  • Bird photos with camera brand and settings
  • Bird videos
  • Bird questions

People are Not Allowed to Post;

  • Rare Bird Actual Locations
  • Bird Tour Promotions (Individual/Company)
  • Birding Products for Sale
  • Non-bird Photos and Videos
  • Camera and Birding Equipment (Individual or Shops)
  • Birds for Sale


The Birds of Sarawak Facebook Group is open to anyone to join, and you can learn a little more about the birds found around this massive Malaysian state on the island of Borneo.

However, you are reminded that this is a bird photo and video group and is strictly limited to that only. If you fail to follow the rules provided, you will be removed and banned from that bird group.

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